5 Best Air Purifiers For Bird Owners (2023 Review)

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  • Date: February 28, 2023
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Do you have birds and are struggling to find the best air purifier to use around them?

If so, you are in luck – I have compiled the perfect guide for you.

Although many people love keeping birds as pets, many are bothered by the dander they produce.

Bird dander and dust can be real issues for bird owners. Seeing some dander is unavoidable if you keep a bird in the house.

But the question is: What can you do about it?

Choosing the perfect purifier for your bird can take hours of research. I’m here to help you with that.

Below, I’ll go over the best air purifiers for bird owners so you can skip the guesswork and choose the best one for your home.

Best Air Purifiers For Bird Owners

How To Choose An Air Purifier For Bird Dander?

By now, you are probably wondering how do I choose a good air purifier for your bird.

In this section, I will go through a few tips and tricks on how to choose an air purifier for your bird:


When it comes to choosing the right air purifier, size is very important. Ideally, you would want a larger purifier to deal with bird dander and dust. If you purchase a small purifier and place it in a large room, it could prove ineffective. And you don’t want that.

All air purifiers for birds are different. And knowing how much coverage the air purifier covers will determine which one you will choose.

Fan & Motor

When considering an air purifier, the noise level is another critical factor. Remember to check for efficiency and noise levels.

Some purifiers are powerful. But make so much noise that they will keep you up all night.

Many good-quality purifiers specify their noise levels in the features section, so ensure you read it carefully.

Filtration Technology

While choosing a purifier, you may come across many with ionic, UV-C light, ozone generators, etc. These will mostly be ineffective against bird dander. You will need some amount of carbon to fight pet odors, though.

You will need activated carbon in a granular form to combat pet odors from your bird.


Not all purifiers have ionizers, but you’ll have to steer clear of ones that do.

However, even if your purifier does have an ionizer, you will have the option to turn it off. This is what you should do if you have a pet bird.


Well, birds have sensitive systems, and ozone is dangerous to them. Even a tiny amount of ozone can have a harmful effect on the health of your bird.

5 Best Air Purifier For Bird Owners

Below, you will find the best air purifiers for bird owners available today. And they are also bird-safe air purifiers.

We’ll also be reviewing the pros and cons of each, by price and the reviews of others.

1.Oransi OV200 Air Purifier – Best Budget Product

ORANSI Clean Air Purifier for Home, Bedroom, Large Room, Portable - 400 Sq Ft Coverage Carbon HEPA Filter Removes 99%+ Allergies, Pet Dander, Mold, Pollen Dust, Virus, Odor, 10-Year Warranty | OV200

Quick Facts

Room Coverage:400 Square Feet
Dimensions (in inches): 13″ x 23″ x 7″
Filtration Stages:3
Noise Level: 54 dB 
Power Consumption:$ 63 Per year if ran 24/7
Warranty: 10 Year

This highly-rated air purifier for birds, it is perfect for those with asthma, allergies, and pets. It can offer about 400 square feet of area and comes with a HEPA filter. These filters work at an impressive 99% efficiency.

You’ll find your home smelling so much fresher and cleaner with the help of this purifier. Oransi OV200 Air Purifier doesn’t contain any ionizer or ozone, so you can rest assured it’s safe for your bird.

Another bonus is that it doesn’t make a lot of noise when it operates


  • Very easy to use
  • Does not break the bank
  • Operates with little noise
  • It comes with a 10-year warranty
  • It does not contain an ionizer


  • It covers a relatively small area
  • Not as effective as costlier purifiers

The Oransi Air Purifier is reasonably priced. And is very effective for fighting against birds and pet dander. It may not be the best purifier, but it is worth the money and works well.

2. Inofia Purifier with True HEPA Filter

Quick Facts

Room Coverage:1,300 Square feet
Dimensions (in inches): 17.5 x 9.6 x 23.6 inches
Filtration Stages:4
Noise Level: 34 dB
Power Consumption:$61 Per year (Run 24/7)
Warranty: 2 Years

Known as one of the largest purifiers. And It covers an impressive 1,300 square feet. You can use it in either a large room at home or in your office.

This system works with a mix of activated charcoal and HEPA composite. Since it has two filters, dust and dander will be filtered more quickly and effectively. Another great feature of Inofia Air Purifier is that it minimizes energy consumption.

It achieves this with the help of smart monitoring that analyses air quality and alters performance accordingly.


  • Covers a large area
  • Helps save energy
  • It has an auto button that lets you take control of performance
  • Has app support with LED display
  • It has a powerful double filtration


  • It can be a little challenging to operate at first
  • It has a rather imposing appearance

The Inofia Purifier is perfect for large spaces and does well on the power consumption front. It may take some time for beginners to master how to operate.

However, this is a small price to pay for the many great features it offers.

3. Alen Breathe Smart FIT50 Air Purifier

Quick Facts

Room Coverage:900 square feet
Dimensions (in inches): 10″D x 16.75″W x 22.25″H
Filtration Stages:2
Noise Level: 32.4 dB
Power Consumption:$26- $48 Per year
Warranty: Lifetime

Alen Breathe Smart HEPA air purifier has a beautiful, sleek appearance that would go well with your furniture. It can cover an impressive 900 square feet of space and is suitable for large bedrooms or living rooms.

This is considered the best air purifier for African grey.

Thanks to its powerful filtration, it can trap about 99% of all airborne particles. Even though it’s pricey, it offers some great features that are hard to find in most other purifiers.

For example, Alen has purifiers that cater to specific issues. So, you can buy a model specifically designed to clean up bird dander.


  • It has a smart laser sensor that can detect small particles
  • It helps remove all kinds of dander to clean the air for birds
  • It has an air quality light indicator
  • It has a sleek and stylish design
  • It covers a relatively large area


  • It is not very easily affordable
  • Their customer support is not very responsive

The Alen Breathe Smart purifier is one of the best products on this list in many ways, but it could be better. Their customer support services are in need of improvement as they’re neither informative nor responsive.

4. Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0 Ultra Quiet Air Purifier

Quick Facts

Room Coverage:625 square feet
Dimensions (in inches): 9.8″D x 16.6″W x 22.2″H
Filtration Stages:4
Noise Level: 22.8 to 48.6 dBA
Power Consumption:$10 to $41 per year
Warranty: 5

It covers about 550 square feet and can effectively filter all the air in this area twice in just one hour.

Rabbit Air Purifier is an ultra-quiet machine that purifies the air with 4 stages of purification. It has both HEPA and activated carbon filters that work well together. This is a great air purifier for bird allergies if you suffer from allergies.

What’s more, it doesn’t disturb you at all while it’s at it. Their technical support is commendable, with representatives available 24/7.


  • It covers a decent amount of space
  • It works well against pet dander and odor
  • It has two powerful filters
  • It helps save energy
  • It does not make a lot of noise


  • Not as quiet as costlier units
  • It is not as powerful as other purifiers on this list

The Rabbit Air Purifier may not be the most effective purifier I have come across, but it’s effective anyway. It could act more as a short-term solution if you’ve just purchased a bird than a long-term one.

5.NuWave OxyPure Smart Air Purifier

Quick Facts:

Room Coverage:2,671sq ft
Dimensions (in inches): 14″D x 14″W x 26″H
Filtration Stages:5
Noise Level: 31.4 dB 
Power Consumption:$131 Per year If ran 24/7
Warranty: 5 Year

It works amazingly to quickly eliminate dust, mold, pollen, smoke, and pet dander. It also effectively gets rid of bacteria and viruses.

Another great thing about NuWave OxyPure Smart Air Purifier, it has auto-monitoring and smart touch controls.

The pollutants and allergens in the air are effectively filtered through this system. This helps ensure both you and your pet have a good night’s sleep.


  • Filters out dust, dander, pollutants, and allergens effectively
  • It can be remotely monitored from anywhere in your home
  • Can be connected via Wi-Fi
  • Has a long lifespan (20 years)
  • Has smart controls


  • Not as popular as other purifiers on this list
  • Auto mode does not work very well

The NuWave Smart Purifier is an effective solution to combat bird dust and dander. It’s slightly pricier but worth it for the smart controls.

Bird dander air purifier picture

Bird Dander FAQ

Below, you will find commonly asked questions about air purifiers for bird owners.

What Is Bird Dander?

Birds produce a fine, powdery substance that comes from their feathers and skin. This dander is pretty much like what cats and dogs produce. Additionally, birds also make bird dust to keep their feathers soft.

Now, don’t worry!

If you have a feathered friend at home, you can take some steps to reduce the amount of bird dander they produce. For instance, you can help them preen and take regular baths. Or, if you want to go the extra mile, you can use an air purifier designed to filter out bird dander particles.


Which Bird Species Produce Dust And Dander?

Birds, such as cockatoos, cockatiels, African Greys, and parrots, produce a significant amount of dander or feather dust compared to other birds.

African Grey Parrots and Cockatoos are also known as “powder-down birds” because they produce excessive fine dust from their feathers.

This dust can cause even more severe allergic reactions in some people, and the symptoms may arise after the bird has been with the owner for a few years.

Suppose you’re considering owning a bird but are concerned about allergies or dander. In that case, it’s essential to research the specific species you’re interested in and talk to a veterinarian or other bird expert


Are Air Purifiers Safe For Birds?

A – Yes, if you know which one to purchase. The purifiers containing HEPA and activated charcoal filters best suit birds. However, watch out for unsafe purifiers for birds, as there are many out there too.

How Can I Reduce Bird Dander?

A – You can reduce bird dander by bathing your bird regularly. You can even use absorbent paper towels to clean the bottom of their cage. You can also reduce bird dander by cleaning the areas your bird frequently visits help too.

Is Ozone Bad For Birds?

A – Yes, ozone can be harmful to your bird. This is true even for small, seemingly insignificant quantities of ozone. Many purifiers do not produce ozone, so make sure you purchase one of these. So it is important to do your research and choose a bird-safe air purifier.

Can Bird Dander Make You Sick?

A – Yes, it can. Inhaling too much bird dander can give you allergic alveolitis, aka pigeon lung disease. You could even contract respiratory diseases with overexposure to bird dander. This makes purchasing an air purifier essential to maintaining your health around birds.


While caring for a bird may not be all that difficult, it does require effort. Their dust and dander could make your house smell bad or make you ill.

However, choosing the right air purifier for your home can make caring for your bird much more effortless. You’ll have to opt for one that has an activated charcoal filter instead of one that produces ozone. Since ozone is harmful to birds, this is absolutely essential.

I hope this list helps you choose the best air purifier for bird dander. All the air purifiers on our list are bird-safe air purifiers.

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