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  • Date: January 1, 2023
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Food smells wonderful when it’s cooking…but not so much once the meal is over.

If you’re searching for an excellent air purifier to bust those beastly odors from your kitchen, look no further. 

I’ve got a collection of some of the best air purifiers for kitchen odors listed below!


’ve also created a foolproof buyer’s guide and FAQ section to help clear out any confusion associated with the product selection process. 

So, are you ready to dive into the world of air purifiers to help eliminate those nasty kitchen odors? 

5 Best Air Purifiers For Kitchen Odors

Top Pick
Hathaspace Smart True HEPA Air Purifier
Hathaspace Smart True HEPA Air Purifier
  • CADR:160 cfm
  • Noise le
    vels: 43 dB
  • Filteration Stages: 5
  • Area Coverage: 350 sq ft 
Editor's Pick
LEVOIT Air Purifier Best for Large Kitchens
LEVOIT Air Purifier Best for Large Kitchens
  • CADR: 135
  • Noise Level: 27dB
  • Filteration Stages: 3
  • Area Cov
    erage: 360 sq ft
Best Automatic Air Purifier
Winix 5300-2 Air Purifier
Winix 5300-2 Air Purifier
  • CADR: 236 cfm
  • Noise Level: 27.8 dB
  • Filterat
    ion Stages: 3
  • Area Coverage: 360 sq ft
Energy Star rated
Bissel Smart Air Purifier
Bissel Smart Air Purifier
  • CADR: 167
  • Noise Le
    vel: 30 dB
  • Filtration Stages: 3
  • Area Coverage: 259 sq ft



Budget Pick
Bionaire True HEPA Air Purifier
Bionaire True HEPA Air Purifier
  • CADR:100
  • Noise Level: 30 dB
  • Filterat
    ion Stages: 3
  • Area Coverage: 155 sq ft sq. ft.

Below is a full review of my top 5 favorite air purifiers to help eliminate unwanted kitchen odor. 


listed down the pros and cons of each so you can make an informed decision!

1. Bionaire True HEPA Air Purifier – Best Budget Product

Key Features

  • Contains 3 filters: pre, activated carbon, and True HEPA
  • The 360-degree air intake system 
  • Covers 15
    5 sq ft
  • Maximum operation sound of 30 decibels 
  • 3-speed settings
  • Contains
    night light
  • Weighs 8.4 pounds

If you’re on a budget, this is the product for you. 


"https://amzn.to/3sj6ufj" target="_blank" data-type="URL" data-id="https://amzn.to/3sj6ufj" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow">Bionaire True HEPA Air Purifier contains 3 filters that help it successfully eliminate unwanted kitchen odors at a friendly price. 

This product’s 3 stage filtration made it an easy choice for this list. 

I also love how quiet it is! It allows me to enjoy a peaceful night of sleep. The 360-degree air intake system also helps efficiently capture air from all directions.

  • Ability to customize speed setting (choose from 3 options)
  • Not loud or noise
  • FCC certified
  • Lightweight&n


  • Only useful for smaller kitchens (under 155 sq ft)

2. Bissel Smart Air Purifier – Most Stylish Design

Key Features

  • Contains HEPA and activated carbon filters, alongside a fabric pre-filter 
  • Corded electric
    power source
  • Weighs 18.25 pounds
  • Boasts an automated CirQulate System and provides color-coded air quality feedback
  • Flaunts a sleek
    , modern design that is supported by 4 legs
  • Front-to-top airflow design
  • Can cover 259 sq ft with 5 air changes per hour


f="https://amzn.to/3fgApB0" target="_blank" aria-label="Bissel Smart Air Purifier (opens in a new tab)" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow" class="rank-math-link">Bissel Smart Air Purifier was designed to match contemporary spaces. 

Thanks to its neutral, black-dominated color scheme, this product can easily blend into any modern scene. 

So, if you’re looking for an air purifier that won’t tamper with your kitchen’s stylish aesthetic, choose this one!

I love this product be

cause it contains HEPA and activated carbon filters, alongside a fabric pre-filter to keep out larger particles (3-stage filtration technology). 

Its honeycomb filter structure also helps trap up to 99.97% of 0.3-micron particles.


  • 3 filters (pre-fabric, HEPA, carbon) allow for maximum air purification 
  • Built-in VOC sensor th
    at enables automatic fan speed adjustment
  • Powered by single button for ease of access


  • Low CADR rating
  • No remote control opti

3. Winix 5300-2 Air Purifier – Best Automatic Air Purifier

Key Features

  • Contains PlasmaWave filter technology 
  • Employs a pre-filter and True HEPA filter 
  • Filters can capture part
    icles as small as 0.3 microns
  • Airflow delivery date of 236 CFM
  • Corded electric power supply
  • Weighs 18 pounds
  • Contains a smart sensor to gauge air quality 
  • 2-year warranty

This product boasts

the ability to sense air quality and adjust its fan settings accordingly. 

Now, I know that some other air purifiers can do this, too. 

However, what sets the Winix 5300-2 Air Purifier apart from the rest is its large variety of speed settings. 

Upon sensing the air qual

ity, this purifier alternates between 4 different fan speeds to deliver the best results. 

This automatic alternation of fan speed helps ensure that all unwanted odors are successfully removed from the environment. 


  • Sleep mode for silent night-time operation
  • Covers large spaces of u
    p to 360 sq ft
  • Can be used in larger kitchens
  • 4 different fan speed settings
  • Contains air quality ind


  • No remote control

4. Hathaspace Smart True HEPA Air Purifier – Most Impressive Filter Compilation  

Key Features

  • Remote control mechanism
  • Can address rooms of up to
    350 sq ft 
  • Noise levels below 43 decibels
  • Contains sleep mode function
  • Has a CADR rating of 160 C

Unlike the other devices listed here, the Hathaspace Smart True HEPA Air Purifier contains not 1 or 2 but 5 purification filters. 

This air purifier is one of the best air purifiers for cooking odors.

It helps to successfully br

eak down those unwanted smelly organic gaseous molecules present in the kitchen air better than competitor products. 

I particularly love this product because it has a 5-level purification system, featuring a cold catalyst filter for excellent odor-busting results. 

It also contains a True HEPA filter, ionizer, cellular activated carbon filter, and an antibacterial filter.


  • CE, CB, RoHS certified
  • Timer setting for up to 12 hours
  • Cleans air twice per hour
  • 5 efficient filter layers
  • Moderate noise level (not too loud)


  • Relatively delicate structure prone to damage
  • Difficult to maintain

5. LEVOIT (LV-PUR131) Air Purifier – Best For Large Kitchens

Key Features

  • Can cover up to 360 sq ft 
  • 3-stage filtration system (pre, True HEPA, carbon)
  • Low noise operation (27 decib
  • 3 fan speeds with both automatic and manual adjustment
  • 1–12-hour timer
  • AC power source
p>This fantastic product can successfully eliminate unwanted odor from kitchens at large at 360 sq ft. 

So, if your kitchen is on the larger end of the size spectrum, this product is perfect for you!

My favorite feature of the

f="https://amzn.to/3cdwmna" target="_blank" data-type="URL" data-id="https://amzn.to/3cdwmna" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow"> Levoit Air Purifier is the LED screen display with a color-coded indicator for indoor air quality. 

This makes it easy to see how well the product is working.


  • Energy Star rating
  • Ideal for large kitchens (360 s
    q ft coverage)
  • Not noisy
  • Can filter out particles as small as 0.3 microns
  • Triple filtration technology&nb


  • Tricky filter replacement due to complex design

How To Choose An Air Purifier For Kitchen Odors

Here are all the essential product characteristics to take into consideration when selecting your new kitchen air purifier.

g>Odor And Particle Filtration

The first thing to look for in an odor-busting air purifier is whether it contains at least one type of filter. 

Some air purifiers are built to mask odor as opposed to actually removing the particles that cause it. 

If your device does not contain a filter, it will only temporarily mask the smell instead of eliminating it for good. 

So, be on the lookout for device

s that contain a powerful, gaseous molecule-trapping filter.

Of course, all the air purifiers I’ve listed below contain filters, so feel free to make a selection from there.

Activated Carbon Filters

You should try and aim for an activated carbon filter. air purifier for kitchen smells

Such filters are the best at thoro

ughly removing odor molecules from the surrounding air. 

Activated carbon is a highly porous material that has the power to trap organic odor molecules. 

It has no trouble doing this because it contains millions of tiny pores that result in an increased surface area. 

Possessing a larger surface area m

akes it easier for a surface to trap organic molecules. 

As a result, activated carbon filters have become one of the best filter options out there. 

HEPA Filters

If you’re aiming for particle filtration, consider investing in a device with a HEPA filter. 

These are excellent for trapping fin

e airborne pollutants. 

Unlike activated carbon, which only addresses gaseous molecules, HEPA filters can trap solid particles. They hence encourage air purification and deodorization. 


Air purifiers don’t come cheap, so you’d obviously want the one you’re buying to last you a few years at the very least.

Always prioritize products that are durabl

e and long-lasting. 

If you’re buying off Amazon, be sure to read over customer reviews to get an accurate picture of how long the device lasted for most users.  


Some air purifiers are easier to operate than others. While certain devices employ a single on/off button, others may contain remote controls with many complex options. 

If you’d like a product that’s easy to use,

it’s best to stay away from remote-controlled air purifiers. 

Such devices can be confusing to use, especially when you’re in a rush. However, they do offer you more customization options than single on/off switch devices. 

The option you choose ultimately depends upon what level of simplicity (or complexity) you’re comfortable with.  

Air Purifier For Coo
king Smells

Do Air Purifiers Work For Cooking Odors?

Yes, air purifiers can remove cooking odors by eliminating the organic gaseous molecules that cause them. Some purifiers can also remove solid particles, hence clearing the air of allergens like pollen too. 

How Do You Get Rid Of Kitchen Smells?

There are many ways to get rid of kitchen smells. 

Home remedies include boiling vinegar in water and placing potpourri around the area. If you’re looking for a more technologically advanced trick, try employing an electric air-purifying device to purge odor. 

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Does Boiling Water Remove The Odor?

Boiling water without any additives won’t help eliminate bad smells from your kitchen-but adding some vinegar to it will do the trick! 

To remove odor, add three tablespoons of vinegar to a cup of water and bring to a boil. The vinegary mist will help eliminate unwanted kitchen smells. 

Can I Use An Air Purifier In The Kitchen? 

Yes, you can use an air purifier to remove unwanted odor from your kitchen. Just be sure to use a device that contains either an activated carbon filter or a HEPA filter (or both). This will get you the best results. 


If you are wondering How To Get Rid Of Cooking Smells In A Small Apartment or a house, air purifiers can successfully help rid your kitchen of those awful, unwanted cooking odors that love to linger. 

When choosing a product, be sure to keep your requirements in mind. 

For example, if you have a large kitchen, you’ll need a device that can cover larger spaces. So, be sure to search accordingly. 

There are many excellent products listed above, so you’re sure to

find one that’ll match up to your requirements. 

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