5 Best Air Purifiers For Paint Fumes (Detailed Review)

  • Author: Irene Batres
  • Date: September 26, 2022
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Are you looking for the best air purifiers for paint fumes?

Perfect, you’ve come to the right place!

Paint fumes are not only annoying. But, dangerous!

Sure, everyone knows that oil-based paint produces chemical fumes.

But, many people don’t realize just how damaging these vapors are, or the health risks they can pose.

Luckily, air purifiers have been proven to help with volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

So, upon hours of research, I’ve found the top air purifiers that can remove harmful chemical paint fumes effectively.

Let’s get started….

5 Best Air Purifier For Paint Fumes

Below, we’ll dive into these 5 best air purifiers for paint fumes.

>You will learn more about these products, including their pros and cons, key benefits, and features.

I also included information on where to place them. And, how much is the cost you are expected to save when using one of these products.


>Here is a quick overview. Keep reading on for a more in-depth review of each air purifier.

ImageProduct TitleFeaturesPrice
IQAir GC Mulitgas Air Purifier - Top Pick
IQAir GC Mulitgas Air Purifier - Top Pick
  • CADR: 776 cfm
  • Filteration Stages: 4
  • Ar
    ea Coverage: 1125 sq. ft.
  • Warranty: 10 years
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Alen Classic H13 True HEPA
Alen Classic H13 True HEPA
  • CADR:300 cfm
  • Fi
    lteration Stages: 4
  • Area Coverage: 1100 SqFt
  • Warranty: LifeTime With Product Registration 
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Budget Pick
Okaysou AirMax 8L Air Purifier
Okaysou AirMax 8L Air Purifier
  • CADR: 210 cfm
  • Filteration Stages: 5
  • Area Coverage: 320 sq. ft.
  • Wa
    rranty: 5-year warranty
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Energy Star Rated
 Blueair HealthProtect 7770i Smart Home
 Blueair HealthProtect 7770i Smart Home
  • CADR: 270 cfm
  • Filtration Stages: 1
  • Area C
    overage: 674 Sq. Ft
  • Warranty: 1 Year


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Very Quiet
Hathaspace HSP001 Smart True HEPA Air Purifier
Hathaspace HSP001 Smart True HEPA Air Purifier
  • CADR: 160 cfm
  • Filteration Stages: 4
  • Area Coverage: 700 sq. ft.
  • Warrant
    y: 2 Year
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1. IQAir GC Mulitgas Air Purifier – Top Pick

Key Features of the Product:

  • Item Dimensions 16 x 15 x 28 inches
  • Weight 29 Pounds
  • Uses 27
    watts of electricity at the lowest speed and 215 watts at the highest speed
  • Coverage: 1,125 square feet
  • 10-year warranty on parts and labor
>When it comes to removing strong solvents in the air, the IQAir GC Multigas Air Purifier is the complete package. It has everything you’ll ever need.

This air purifiers is one of the best for chemicals and paint fumes and it out performs all other air purifiers on the market.

Although this air purifier is more expensive than most air purifiers out there, it is worth every penny.

Why? B

ecause it is equipped with superior filters that give you unmatched protection against odors, chemicals, air pollution, smoke, and gases.

This Air purifier might sound complex, but it is actually user-friendly.

When it comes time to replace the filters, they can be easily replaced.


know when to change the filters thanks to the control panel.  

The Pre-Filter lasts around 1 year, the Gas cartridges last around 2 yrs, and the Post-filter sleeves last about 2 yrs & 4 months.


  • Very user friendly and easy to set up
  • Has 12 lbs.
    (5.4 kg.) of premium activated carbon which helps to Removes Gas and Odors quickly
  • It arrives well packaged and double boxed


  • More expensive than other air purifiers. But keep in my mind that you are paying for quality.
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2. Alen Classic H13 True HEPA – Runner Up

Key Features of the Product:

  • Dimensions 10 x 17 x 27 inches
  • Weight 32 Pounds
  • Coverage 1100 Sq. ft.
  • Warranty is o
    ne year, 5 years if you register the product and lifetime if you join in on the filter replacement program
  • Power Consumption 1.6 to 105 watts

When you are doing renovation work like painting, this air purifier will help to eliminate chemicals, paint fumes, dust, hair particles, pollen, and much more.

When they

say “Stylish Design” they mean it. When ordering the Alen Classic Air Purifier you can choose from white, Graphite, Brushed Stainless, Espresso, Weathered Gray, and Oak.

Upon research, I found that people really liked that, this air purifier is very effective against volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Another plus is that the air sensor changes color depending upon the air quality.

The main light

on the top indicates air quality; red = bad, yellow = OK, blue = good.

It’s a unit standing at around 3 ft. tall. So, it won’t fit in a small space.

But, it covers up to 1100 sq ft and cleans the air in about 30 mins.

When it comes to e

nergy cost it uses roughly about 100-kilowatt hours per month – this equates to a cost of $7-10 per month.


  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Instructions are straightforward and easy to assemble
  • Comes with a nighttim
    e feature that allows you to turn off the light while you sleep
  • Well built and will last forever


  • The noise level is comparable to a normal box fan. So, if you are hypersensitive to noise it could be a problem.
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3. Okaysou AirMax 8L Air Purifier- Budget Pick

Key Features of the Product:

  • Dimensions 12.9 x 7.1 x 19.4 inches
  • Weight 13.73 pounds
  • Coverage 800 Sq. Ft.
  • Warranty 5-year warra

Do you want a decent air purifier that removes strong paint odors, without breaking your wallet?

Well if that’s the case The Okaysou air purifier, is perfect for you.

But before I say a

ny more, if you live in California this air purifier is CARB certified- Compliance with California’s strictest safety standards.

On the downside, this air purifier is not good for larger areas but works great for bedrooms, small apartments, a kitchen, an office, or a small art studio.   

The filters help with pet odor, dander, and even harmful gas. Such as formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, and toxic fumes.

The buttons locate

d on the top of the air cleaning machine, has a security child-lock button, power button, sleep button filter replacement indicator, and comes with auto shut-off protection.

This air purifier works fast.

It circulates air up to 5 times per hour for a 320 sq. ft. space, 3 times per hour for 500 sq. ft., and 1.5 per hour for an 800 square feet space.

It’s a small inves

tment that will deliver tremendous benefits for protecting you and your family against harmful Paint fumes.


  • Child-Lock Mode
  • Clean design, modern looking has a white or black color scheme to it
  • Affordable
  • Has
    5 stages of air filtration
  • The filter is easy to replace and last about 8 months

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4. Blueair HealthProtect 7770i Smart Home – Quietest

Key Features of the Product:

If you’re like me, and you want an excellent air purifier that destroys solvents and chemicals quickly while still being ultra-quiet, then this air purifier is for you.

The blue air 7770i air purifier sound level is 25 dB on its lowest setting and 53 dB on its highest. When purifying the air, it is whisper quiet. Who couldn’t love a product like this?

It is also ENERGY

STAR RATED and independently tested for performance by a part of the AHAM Verified Program.

You can also monitor the air quality of the room while using this device through the app.

However, one of the biggest drawbacks of this air cleaning machine is its weight. But it does come with wheels on the bottom of the unit so it makes it easy to relocate.



5. Hathaspace HSP001 Smart True HEPA Air Purifier – Best Value

Key Features of the Product:

What I like about this particular unit is that it is independently tested.

gp/product/B075ZZND8B/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B075ZZND8B&linkCode=as2&tag=freshairdevic-20&linkId=53b9b34d06c1392a572e704eb26c2101" target="_blank" data-type="URL" data-id="https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B075ZZND8B/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B075ZZND8B&linkCode=as2&tag=freshairdevic-20&linkId=53b9b34d06c1392a572e704eb26c2101" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow">The Hathapace HSP001 has certifications from CE, CB, and RoHShis.

It is a beautifully designed air purifier and it comes with a 5 stage HEPA  filtration system. Which are a cold catalyst filter, cellular-activated carbon Filter, HEPA pre-filter, true HEPA, and ionizer.

The activated carbon filter is what adsorbs odors, smoke, and gases like formaldehyde. Which is a very important component.

People seem to love how easy it

is to operate. You can easily control it from the remote control & touch panel. The CADR rating of this air-cleaning devices is 160 CBM/hr.



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How To Choose An Air Purifier For Chemicals And Paint Fumes

Best Air Purifier For Paint Fumes

Selecting an air purifier for paint fumes and chemicals can be tricky. There are tons of options out there and some are better than others.

A well-designed air purifier can really help with reducing your exposure to volatile organic compounds.

So, when selecting an air purifier there are crucial things you should consider before choosing one.

Below, I put a simple list of im

portant features you should look for.

So that you will find the best one to use for all your home renovations needs.  


A HEPA filter is just not enough

to remove gases. Yes, HEPA filters are excellent for removing airborne particles but they are just not cut out for gas removal.

However, a key feature to look for is a properly designed gas and odor filter. It has to contain other inert ingredients. Such as a large amount of high-quality activated carbon.

The carbon blend is what oxides the chemical vapors. This is the proper way to reduce your exposure to solvents and VOCs. You don’t want a simple little thin filter.

Room Size

Coverage is very important when choosing an air purifier for fumes.

For example, if you have a 1000 square feet home or art studio and you get an air purifier that covers only 500 square feet it won’t perform the best.

If you want to neutralize the solven

ts then it is best to calculate the room size with the ceiling height.

It’s important to pick an air purifier that can at least do at least 2 air changes per hour.

Noise Level

If you are hypersensitive to noise, an

air purifier that is loud could be a problem. 

However, if you are wanting to keep your air purifier on while you sleep then I would go with an air purifier that operates at less than 30 dB while it is running at its lowest speed.


No one wants an air purifier that brea

ks down all the time. Or has faulty sensors or parts.

Some companies buy cheap parts this causes the air cleaners to have issues down the road.

So it is important to look for an air purifier that has the longest warranty. Most air purifiers have a 2 to 5-year warranty.

Brands like the IQAir GC Multigas Air

Purifier have a 10-year warranty on parts and labor. So you know it is well built.

Air Purifier For Spray Painting FAQ

Do Air Purifiers Help With Paint Fumes?

Air purifiers are excellent and are proven for reducing off-gassing in the home.

But before purchasing an air purifier, if you are dealing with gases in your home it is very important to make sure your home is well ventilated. Especially in hot or humid climates.

Ventilation is the ability to get outs

ide air in. Your goal is to reduce your exposure to gases.

How Long Do Paint Fumes Stay In A Room?

Typically it takes two to three days for the paint fumes to dry and subside. Children and the elderly should avoid over exposer to fumes from interior painting.

What Are the Side Effects Of Inhaling Paint Fumes?

Recent research has shown that Oil-based paints can cause eye and respiratory irritation, headaches, nausea, dizziness, memory lapses, and fatigue.

Other.net/publication/41893913_Non-occupational_exposure_to_paint_fumes_during_pregnancy_and_fetal_growth_in_a_general_population" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener"> studies show that over time from inhaling paint fumes can potentially cause cellular and genetic damage. Which means that it can cause diseases later on in life. Like birth defects to children, and infertility.

Health problems from off-gassing may not appear right away. It could take years to notice the effects.


When selecting an air purifier for paint fumes it is important to look for one that is not just a HEPA.

HEPA filter only works to remove

ef="https://freshairdevices.com/do-air-purifiers-remove-lead-dust/" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">airborne particle like lead dust and do not remove solvents or any gases.

The key is to make sure that the air purifier you are looking for is designed to trap, smoke chemical vapors, VOCs, and doesn’t gas off.

It is also, important that the air purifier has a high-quality activated carbon filter with a large amount of carbon within it.

The carbon blend is what oxides the chem

ical vapors.

Our top pick air purifier for this is the IQAir GC Multigas Air Purifier.

It is a superb air cleaning machine that is highly rated and is excellent for removing VOCs.

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