5 Best Dehumidifier For A Fish Room (Updated Review)

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  • Date: September 26, 2022
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If you’ve ever wondered “what is the best dehumidifier for a fish room?”, then this post is for you. 

Below, we will go over every aspect of buying the perfect dehumidifier for your fish room. 

The goal here is not only to give you the top-rated dehumidifier but to also help you walk away with a strong grasp on what to look for when choosing a dehumidifier.

By the end, you’ll be well informed on the many benefits a dehumidifier can give you as well as the best one to choose for your room. 


Here is a quick overview of our top favorite Dehumidifiers.

table class="cg-table-two " style="--cg-theme-color:#37A3FF" >ImageProductFeaturesPrice
hOmeLabs 1,500 Sq. Ft Energy Star DehumidifierhOmeLabs 1,500 Sq. Ft Energy Star Dehumidifier
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Easy to clean
  • It is portable, comes with wheels and built-in handles
  • Quick Set up 
  • It has an automatic shut off
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Frigidaire 50-Pint Portable Dehumidifier with Built-in PumpFrigidaire 50-Pint Portable Dehumidifier with Built-in Pump
  • Container considered easy to use and accessible
    Actively pumps water from the tank
  • digital display
  • Wi-Fi network 
  • Covers up to 2000 square feet
  • >
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Pro Breeze Electric Mini DehumidifierPro Breeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier
  • Four modes: normal, low power, high power, and clothes drying
  • Covers up to 250 sq ft
  • Low energy consumption and low noise
  • Ideal for small to medium-sized fish rooms
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5 Best Dehumidifier For A Fish Room

when it comes to high humidity, it is never good.

Everything from mold and fungus to pests thrives in high humidity, which is a concern because over time it causes serious breathing difficulties, damaged items, and more.

So, In this list, we will talk about what are the best dehumidifiers for fish rooms.

Evaluating their peculiarities, main features, capabilities, pros, and cons.

Based on my experience but more importantly on their capabilities, price, and the opinions of other users, general customers, fishkeeper, an Aquarist.

1. hOmeLabs 1,500 Sq. Ft Energy Star Dehumidifier (Top Pick)

hOmelabs dehumidifier that stands out from the rest on the internet because of the number of reviews it has so far, more than 34 thousand reviews. 

But there’s a reason, it is highly loved. It is excellent for medium to large rooms and basements and it has a good price.

Main Features

Removes up to 22 pints of air per day, absorbs moisture from the room quickly. And covers 1500 square feet.

It dries the room quickly without running up the energy bill, in just 24 hours and dries the room quietly by reducing odors and eliminating bacteria from moist air thanks to its built-in pump compressor.

This dehumidifier offers six different settings and a 24-hour timer and has a simple touch panel control with auto shut-off, defrost, reset, and the turbo mode that increases the fan speed from Normal Air CFM 165 to High Air CFM 188 for maximum effectiveness.

It has a sleek, clean, compact, and portable design with built-in casters and a quiet fan.

It is easy to use, easy to clean, and comes with a 2-year warranty and a 6-month warranty if you register on their website.

What’s Good

  • It has a sleek and clean look
  • Easy to clean
  • It is portable, comes with wheels and built-in handles
  • Set up according to the humidity level of your fish room
  • It has an automatic shut off
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    What’s Bad

    • The hose is not included.

    2. Frigidaire 50-Pint Portable Dehumidifier with Built-in Pump (Runner Up)

    The Frigidaire dehumidifier is one of the most efficient, capable, and intelligent dehumidifiers.

    Among its qualities, we can highlight an efficient unit to your home Wi-Fi network where you can monitor and control humidity and settings from the Frigidaire mobile app on your phone.

    Main Features

    Frigidaire’s outstanding and extremely efficient dehumidifier can remove up to 50 liters of water per day and fits well in your attic, basement, or garage.

    It offers a great advantage, in addition to the 2-gallon tank, it comes with a built-in pump which allows you to send the water to an overhead sink or window in case you have no floor drain, taking the hassle out of removing and emptying the bucket.

    It has a digital display that makes it easy to set the desired humidity level, has a level indicator to notify the user when it’s time to empty the bucket, and can reduce bacteria and odors in the air.

    What’s Good

    • Determines humidity levels based on temperature
    • Container considered easy to use and accessible
    • Actively pumps water from the tank
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      What’s Bad

      • Freezer coil complaints

      3. Ivation 4,500 Sq Ft Large-Capacity Energy Star Dehumidifier  

      This dehumidifier also features a phone application for setting and adjusting the humidity in the fish room.

      It is quite potent and compact; weighing only 45 lbs., it fits in most spaces and can reduce up to 70 pints of humidity per day.

      Main Features

      The Ivation dehumidifier has excellent ratings from its users. It is designed for efficiency in medium-sized rooms up to 4,500 Sq. Ft making it one of the most powerful dehumidifiers. 

      It removes the same level of humidity as other 70-pint dehumidifiers in 24 hours, making it ideal for large rooms and basements.

      It features an LCD display for all settings and data verification, fan speed (regular and turbo), timer, and filter alert, as well as humidity level adjustment, timers, tank levels, notifications, and more.

      It has a sleek white design and takes up minimal space in the room with swivel casters and comfortable handles for portability.

      In addition, this dehumidifier has auto defrost, direct drain capability, frost sensors, auto reset, and more.

      What’s Good

      • It is efficient to keep the air clean from mold, dust, and allergens
      • Has a lightweight of 40 lbs and is compact size
      • Energy-star certified, which ensures it is excellent at saving energy

      What’s Bad

      • Customers say it is not as quiet as other models
      • >

        4. Vacplus 3,000 Sq. Ft. Dehumidifier 50 Pints with Wi-Fi

        The main particularity of the Vacplus Dehumidifier is that it is portable, has excellent performance at a good price, and has a Wi-Fi application. 

        So it can be controlled remotely through an easy-to-use application with a simple interface, ideal for those who want to check the humidity of their fish room from afar to check that everything is in order.

        Main Features

        Vacplus is a 50-pint dehumidifier for fast and quiet dehumidification in basements and small rooms. Efficiently removing moisture, it can remove up to 61/2 gallons of water each day, ideal for damp and sticky environments.

        It can control the humidity levels in the air and set it to maintain the selected level and 4 operating modes to choose from (standard/raining/drying/sleep). 

        This dehumidifier has two drainage methods including manual drainage with a 3.1L (with splash protection) reservoir as well as automatic drainage with a hose.

        It is considered one of the quietest dehumidifiers on the market, with an average sound of 36 dB.

        What’s Good

        • It Saves energy
        • It has automatic shutdown mode and start-up on time
        • It is easy to clean and disassemble
        • Elegant design

        What’s Bad

        • Does not have a pump

        5. Pro Breeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier, 2200 Cubic Feet (250 sq ft) (Cheapest)

        If you are concerned about your electric bill and are looking for an energy-efficient dehumidifier, the Pro Breeze Dehumidifier may be just what you need, consuming just 0.23 kW/hour over an entire day.

        Don’t let its small looks and price fool you, the Pro Breeze Electric is a really powerful dehumidifier ideal for small to medium-sized fish rooms. 

        Main Features

        Lightweight and portable, it has a tank capacity of 3.3 pounds, eliminating 18 ounces of water per day, and has an airflow capacity of 2200 cubic feet (250 sq ft).

        It automatically shuts off when full and alerts you with an LED light, when it’s time to empty the tank you can either remove the tank or use the built-in water outlet.

        It is ultra-quiet, since it does not use a compressor, its noise level is between 30 and 40 dB (decibels), you will not hear it even in the quietest room.

        What’s Good

        • Ideal for people with allergies
        • Low energy consumption and low noise
        • Four modes: normal, low power, high power, and clothes drying

        What’s Bad

        • Limited extraction capacity, but ideal for use in a single room.

        How To Choose A Dehumidifier For A Fish Room?

        Many people have told me that keeping the aquarium closed reduces the humidity, but it depends on what kind of aquarium you have, what kind of fish you have, the number of fish tanks, the size of the room, and more. 

        In my case, I can’t keep the tank closed. I have more than one and it has brought me problems with mold! Definitely not healthy for anyone.

        Here are some guidelines to keep in mind when choosing a dehumidifier for a fish room.

        There are two types of dehumidifiers on the market compressor and desiccant.

        Compressor Dehumidifier: 

        Draws air from the space in question over a filter. The air is then moved to the cold coils, where it condenses, and then exits in the form of droplets. This type of dehumidifier is not recommended for very low temperatures.

        Desiccant Dehumidifier: 

        Uses hygroscopic substances, such as silica gel, to absorb moisture from the air. It has no compressors, is usually lighter and quieter. Its disadvantage is that it tends to consume more energy.

        Extraction Capacity: 

        This is the amount of water that the dehumidifier can extract in a given time, i.e. the number of liters per 24 hours.

        For example, generally, for a very humid room measuring 500 square feet or more, a device with at least 20 liters or 5 gallons of capacity is required.

        Discharge Options: 

        It is important to consider this if you do not want to be emptying the dehumidifier tank all the time. Make sure it can store as much water as possible so that the equipment is more autonomous.


        All the surfaces in square meters that the dehumidifier will cover.


        It is the humidity regulator; it can be manual or electronic. Some come with sensors to measure the humidity level of the space and modify its speed depending on the need. 


        This way you will take care of the compressor motor and extend its life. Generally, it can be programmed to achieve a relative humidity between 40% and 80%. 

        In this way, we can save energy by programming the cessation of activity below the threshold we have set.

        Power Consumption: 

        we all want cleaner air at a good price, so dehumidifiers are becoming more and more energy-efficient with automatic on/off options. 

        A standard dehumidifier operates at about 300 watts and the higher the capacity, the more it will consume.

        Sound Level: 

        a good fish room dehumidifier should go unnoticed.

        Decibels are used to measure the noise level of dehumidifiers. If the decibel number is 40 or less, it is considered to make little noise. Compact, low-capacity dehumidifiers are usually quieter, with levels around 35 decibels.

        Dehumidifier FAQ

        Will dehumidifiers affect a fish tank?

        No, dehumidifiers do not affect tanks negatively, but depending on various factors, they may evaporate a little more water, but it will not affect the water levels in the fish tank significantly. 

        A dehumidifier, on the other hand, will keep your fish room free of fungus and keep the air cleaner.

        Will a dehumidifier evaporate water?

        Yes, dehumidifiers generally evaporate the water in the tank by drawing moisture from the air, the higher the temperatures, the greater the evaporation.

        When dehumidifiers are running, they produce heat, which makes the air in the room even drier and induces more evaporation. According to experts, humidity levels in a space should be between 30% and 50%1. 

        When levels are maintained in this range, condensation is reduced and the spread of mold and mildew is prevented.

        Although this may cause additional evaporation in the aquarium, it will help maintain a proper temperature in the environment.

        Having a humidity meter for your fish room to know what the levels are, makes it much easier to know when to turn off the dehumidifier.

        Do aquariums make your house humid?

        Yes, aquariums increase the humidity in the home, and may or may not become a problem, depending on the size and number of aquariums and the temperature, especially when they are in a relatively small space.

        According to Oregon State University2, tropical fish tanks and other indoor plants can add a significant amount of moisture to the air.

        Aquarium water is generally much warmer than the ambient air temperature in the home, and the temperature change in many cases can be enough to evaporate some water every day.


        I hope I have helped you find the ideal dehumidifier for your fish room.

        It is necessary to have a dehumidifier for a fish room, especially if it is a room with many fish tanks, a small space where humidity accumulates if you are having problems with mold or air circulation.

        These 5 fish room dehumidifiers are top-rated by fishkeepers and Aquarists across the internet as they are powerful enough, cover enough space, are practical, do the job efficiently, and are well priced.

        hOmeLabs 1,500 Sq. Ft Energy Star Dehumidifier
        • Easy to clean
        • It is portable, comes with wheels and built-in handles
        • Very Quite
        • It has an automatic shut off
        • Super Easy To Use
        • 2-year warranty

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