Can Dehumidifiers Kill Fleas? (Read This First!)

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If you’ve ever wondered ” can dehumidifiers kill fleas?” then this post is for you. 

If you have pets in your home, you already know how important it is to learn how to get rid of fleas. 

Fleas can be miserable for your dogs and cats. Finding a way to get rid of them once and for all can be a challenge. 

Let’s face it, fleas are persistent. They hang around your animals and seem impossible to get rid of. 

Fortunately, there are simple solutions that don’t require medications for your beloved animals. 

One popular solution is to buy a dehumidifier.

p>But is it effective? 

Let’s take a closer look below…

Can Dehumidifiers Kill Fleas?

The simple answer is, yes, dehumidifiers can kill fleas. This is because fleas love humidity. When you take away that humidity, fleas shrivel up and die. Fleas usually don’t survive when the humidity gets below 50%.

However, a good dehumidifier removes moisture from the air and creates an environment that doesn’t allow fleas to live. 

Best of all, it is simple because all you do is place the dehumidifier in a room and leave it alone. You may have to have more than one dehumidifier depending on the size of your home.

How Long Does It Take To Kill Fleas With A Dehumidifier?

Experts recommend that you keep the humidity level at 50% or lower for a minimum of two days. Then, vacuum regularly so that all of the eggs are eliminated. 


fleas you find in your home are not adults, which is why getting rid of the eggs is so important. 

You might also have to repeat the procedure to make sure you get all of the fleas. 

This is because it isn’t always possible to get rid of all the fleas the first time. If you keep running the dehumidifier and vacuuming, the fleas will eventually disappear.

="wp-block-heading">How Do You Suffocate Fleas?

The most effective way to suffocate fleas is to gather up your pet’s bedding and wrap it in a black plastic bag. 

Then, you can set it out in the hot sun for three to four days. Make sure the bag is nice and tight and no air is getting on the inside. 

You can also put the bedding in a freezer and keep it there for several days. This won’t do anything for the fleas that are in your carpet or furniture, but it helps. 

Again, vacuu

m daily so that all the fleas and larvae that are not on the bedding can be eliminated. But keep in mind that suffocating fleas can take much longer than the times listed above.

Advantages Of Using A Dehumidifier To Kill Fleas

The main advantage of using a dehumidifier to kill fleas is its simplicity. 

Once you start running the dehumidifier, you can go about your daily business. 

Another adva

ntage is that you’re killing the fleas without using any harsh chemicals. These chemicals can harm pets and children and are therefore never a good idea to use. 

Just make sure you use a dehumidifier that holds 10 liters for every 4×4 room in your home.

This means you might need more than one dehumidifier to do the trick. A dehumidifier is a simple and relatively fast way to get rid of pesky fleas.

ck-heading">Disadvantages Of Using A Dehumidifier To Kill Fleas

The only real disadvantage to using a dehumidifier to kill fleas is that you’ll likely have to use more than one unit to kill them. 

Dehumidifiers can get pricey, so this might cost you a little bit of money. But not to worry because once you see how well it works on the problem, you’ll understand that it’s worth it.

You’ll know that it worked as soon as you see your dog or cat not scratching any longer like they used to.

ng">Can Fleas Survive In Dry Climates?

Fleas absolutely cannot survive in dry climates. They need humidity and dampness to survive. 

In fact, once the humidity gets below 50%, they are essentially useless creatures at that point. 

They dry up and suffocate, then die. In some environments, they don’t survive unless the humidity is above 75%. 

They also die if the tem

perature gets below 45 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit or above 95 degrees Fahrenheit. The only exception is the larvae of fleas, which can sometimes be found in humid environments. 

But a good vacuuming can get rid of the larvae if you’re consistent with your vacuum.

What Hot Temperature Kills Fleas?

Normally, when it gets above 95 degrees Fahrenheit, fleas will die.

 As mentioned earlier,

fleas thrive when the temperature is between 45 to 50 degrees and 95 degrees Fahrenheit. 

If you live in a hot climate that is also very humid, it may take them longer to die, but a 95-degree temperature is usually a death sentence for fleas. 

Even so, it’s easier and more effective to lower the humidity to dry up the fleas so they can die. 

ong>Final Thoughts

So, if you want an easy way to kill fleas, try a dehumidifier. Run it so the relative humidity is no higher than 50% and keep it running for two to four days.

 Afterward, make sure you give your carpet and floors a good cleaning. 

A vacuum cleaner sucks up not just adult fleas but also larvae. A simple vacuuming will make sure that all of the fleas that have been killed do not stick around.

 It also sucks up those t

hat are still on their last leg so that you can eliminate them from your home.

If you follow this procedure and still notice fleas in your home, try it again.

 Fleas can be stubborn and it may take two to three repetitions to kill all of them. 

Make sure you have enough dehu

midifiers to cover your home and be super vigilant with your vacuuming. 

This combination of running the dehumidifier and consistent vacuuming is a lot more effective than you might think.

Should this process not work in your home, you might want to try one of the many other “natural” ways to get rid of fleas. 

There are plenty of them, and most

of them are simple, fast, and inexpensive to try.

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