Can I Vacuum Around My Bunny?

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Bunnies make great pets, in part because they’re so darn cute.

They are generally easy to take care of and can be kept in a cage most of the time.

Kids and adults alike love bunny rabbits as pets. But just like any other animal, you have to learn a little about them to keep them as a pet.

However, if you’re wondering “can I vacuum around my bunny?”Then this post is for you.

Today, I’ll be answering this question along with other related bunny questions.

Can I Vacuum Around My Bunny?

Most bunnies are indeed afraid of sudden and loud noises, and this can include a vacuum cleaner. While some bunnies will come right up to a vacuum and begin sniffing it, most of them won’t. In fact, many bunnies will run away from constant noise, such as a vacuum cleaner. This makes it extremely difficult to use a vacuum cleaner around a bunny rabbit. There are numerous other reasons for this.

Do Vacuums Scare Bunnies?

Most loud noises, including vacuum cleaners, will scare most bunny rabbits.

This is because rabbits tend to be highly in tune with their surroundings, especially when it comes to sounds. Keep in mind that in the wild, rabbits are at the bottom of the food chain.

There are so many of them, so they are tempting and easy for predators to hunt.

Due to this fact, rabbits have been conditioned to sense danger in numerous ways.

They have powerful hearing skills and have learned how to move quickly so they are not attacked. In other words, rabbits are jittery and easily afraid.

While being jittery and easily startled helps bunny rabbits survive in the wild, it also makes them more likely to be nervous when exposed to loud or long-lasting noises.

In addition to vacuum cleaners, rabbits also tend to be scared of fireworks, thunder, and noisy children.

Rabbits have been bred to be domesticated, but their sense of survival is still there.

This is but one of the reasons they can react negatively when exposed to noises from vacuum cleaners and other sounds.

If you’re wondering how your own bunny rabbit might react when it’s afraid, look for the following symptoms:

  • They try to escape or leave the area
  • They play dead or become motionless
  • They have a change in appetite
  • They have a change in litter box habits
  • They become more aggressive
  • They start to stomp their hind feet

If you notice your bunny doing any of these things, it is likely afraid of the vacuum cleaner.

The best thing to do in this case is to move the bunny to another area of the home where the noise isn’t as bad.

You can also interact with the bunny to make sure it realizes that you’re there and it isn’t all alone.

Giving your bunny rabbit a little extra TLC if it’s afraid of vacuuming noises goes a long way.

But remember that moving it to another location before you start vacuuming is probably the best thing you can do.

Do Bunnies Like Fresh Air?

Just like other animals, bunnies love fresh air.

Since fresh air is good for them, they should be exposed to it regularly.

That being said, the sudden change in atmosphere can be a bit much for them to adapt to.

For this reason, try not to keep your rabbit outdoors for too long.

In fact, while periodic trips outside are great for a rabbit, they need a lot of indoor time as well.

This is especially true if it’s cool or cold outside. Going from a warm house to a cooler outdoor environment can be tough on your bunny rabbit.

If you do take your rabbits outside periodically, make sure you pay attention to their behavior.

Bring them back inside when it seems necessary.

Make sure they have a nice comfy home filled with hay and straw that they can bury themselves into once they get inside.

The longer you have your rabbit, the easier its behavior will be to understand.

Bunnies need both time inside and time outside, but they shouldn’t be outside for long periods of time.

Can I Vacuum My Rabbit?

While this sounds like a silly question, some people do consider doing it.

Nevertheless, it isn’t really a good idea because rabbits are notoriously jittery.

Of course, the main reason not to vacuum a rabbit is that it can hurt them.

Although rabbits have thick fur, their skin is very thin.

Vacuuming a rabbit can very easily tear or irritate their skin, so it’s never a good idea.

Keep in mind that like cats, rabbits bathe themselves. This means you rarely if ever, have to do it yourself.

To get a rabbit clean, some people use a lint brush.

Others take their pet outdoors and pet and scratch them, allowing the wind to remove any excess fur.

In general, you can likely just leave the rabbit alone and let it bathe and clean itself.

If you have any concerns about the cleanliness of your rabbit, consult your veterinarian.

Can I Vacuum My Rabbit?

Can You Vacuum Hay?

Cleaning hay can be a challenge, but hay is an important part of a rabbit’s bedding.

The best way to clean up hay is to pick up the large pieces with your hands then use a broom and dustpan to get the rest.

In other words, get as much of the hay cleaned up as possible.

Afterwards, you can vacuum up the smallest pieces that are left behind.

Or, you can get a special vacuum cleaner that can accommodate hay.

The average vacuum does not clean up hay well. In fact, hay can damage an ordinary vacuum cleaner.

This is why it’s so important to pick up as much hay as possible before turning to your vacuum.

Final Thoughts

Vacuuming around a bunny rabbit should be avoided with most bunnies because they are fearful of the noise.

Some bunnies will be calm around loud or sudden noises, but most won’t.

When vacuuming around your bunny, pay attention to his behavior and try to temporarily put him in another location until the job is done.

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