Coway Air Purifier Troubleshooting (9 Quick Fixes)

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  • Date: April 4, 2023
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Uh-oh! Your Coway air purifier seems to be acting up.

Don’t worry; I got your back!

As much as we love our Coway air purifiers, sometimes they can give us a hard time.

From unusual noises to blinking lights, I know how frustrating it can be when your trusty air purifier isn’t functioning as it should.

In this Coway air purifier troubleshooting guide, I will help you get your Coway Airmega up and running in no time.

So let’s tackle these pesky problems together!

Coway Air Purifier Troubleshooting

How To Set Up The Coway Air Purifier

Let me walk you through the steps of setting up your Coway Airmega air purifier:

Step 1:

Unbox the air purifier and make sure everything’s packed properly. Then, take out the manual on top of the purifier.

Step 2:

Remove the front grille – it pops off easily – and you’ll see the pre-filter.

This filter catches bigger dust particles floating around in the air.

Now, look at the buttons at the top of the unit. Identify each button before we move on.

Step 3:

The next step is inserting the activated carbon filter. This filter will remove unpleasant smells and harmful organic gases.

Then, insert the HEPA-certified filter. This filter takes care of even the tiniest airborne particles.

Step 4:

Ready to turn on the purifier?

Press the power button, and you’ll see the air quality light up in blue, purple, or red – this depends on how clean the air is.

How To Change Filters On A Coway Air Purifier

Breathing clean air is essential, and changing your Coway air purifier’s pre-filter and true HEPA filter is a simple way to ensure you do. Let me walk you through the process step by step:

Step 1: Unplug your air purifier to ensure your safety.

Step 2: Grasp the side edges of the air purifier front cover and pull it towards you to remove it.

Step 3: If the pre-filter is covered in dust and particles, it’s time to change it. Remove the casing and the old pre-filter.

Step 4: Put a new pre-filter into the plastic casing. We suggest changing the pre-filter every two to three months.

Step 5: To replace the true HEPA filters, grab the tabs of the old filter and pull it out of the air purifier.

Step 6: Remove the new filter from its packaging and protective plastic wrap. Insert the new HEPA filter into the air purifier.

Step 7: Ensure the airflow labels on the HEPA filter point towards the air purifier, and push it in
all the way.

Step 8: Reinstall the carbon pre-filter tray into the air purifier.

Step 9: Finally, place the front cover back on.

Step 10: Coway air purifiers have a filter reset button on the top panel reminding you when to change your filters.

Veva filters last longer due to our premium pre-filters, and you can reset the air purifier by plugging it in and turning it on.

Press the filter reset button to select your changed filter, then hold it for three seconds.

Step 11: Reattach the front panel to the unit, and don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated team of customer support specialists if you have any questions.

How To Rest The Coway Air Purifier

If you want to reset your Coway air purifier after changing the filters, follow these step-by-step instructions:

Step 1: Plug the air purifier back into the power source and turn it on.

Step 2: Locate the filter reset button on the top panel of the air purifier.

Step 3: Press the reset button to select the specific filter you changed.

Step 4: Once selected, press the reset button again for three seconds.

Step 5: Finally, place the front panel back onto the unit.

How To Rest The Coway Air Purifier

Coway Air Purifier Light Color Meaning

Coway air purifiers come with some pretty cool lights that help you keep track of the air quality in your room.

There’s the odor light that gives you the heads up when it’s time to swap out your odor filter and the HEPA light that signals when you need to change your HEPA filter.

Plus, the air quality light uses different colors to show you how clean or polluted the air is.

Depending on your air purifier’s model, you’ll see blue for good air quality, green for normal, yellow for unhealthy, and red for very unhealthy. If you spot red, crank up the speed on your air purifier to improve the air quality ASAP!

Here’s a table showing Coway air purifier color codes for air quality:

ColorAir QualityRecommended Action
RedBadRun at the highest speed
YellowModerateMonitor closely
GreenSlightThe air is almost clean
BlueCleanTurn off or run at the lowest speed
Dark purplePollutedMonitor closely

Red Light Fix In Coway Air Purifier

If you’ve got a red light on your Coway air purifier, that’s a bad sign. It means your air quality is poor, and your purifier has spotted lots of nasty particles floating around. 


Well, there could be a few reasons, like your filters being dirty or put in wrong or your air quality sensor being grubby.

So what can you do?

Easy-peasy: grab a damp cotton swab and give the lens, dust input, and dust output a good clean, then follow up with a dry swab to make sure it’s all dry. 

You can also wipe down the air quality sensor with a napkin to get rid of any pesky dust. 

But if your purifier is on for two hours and the red light’s still flashing, you might need to fiddle with the particle sensor. 

Remember, different lights on your Coway mean different things, like blue for clean air, dark purple for dirty air, and red for dirty air. 

And there are other indicators, too, like filter change reminders, ionizer lights, and timer lights. Keep an eye on them!

How To Clean The Coway Air Purifier?

Air purifiers are essential for maintaining clean air in your home but require regular cleaning to function effectively. 

Every model is different, but here is a general way to clean your Coway Airmega air purifier:

Step 1: Clean The Pre-Filter

Every two to four weeks, clean the pre-filter by opening the front cover and pulling it off from the top.

Use a vacuum cleaner to remove any dust or hair on the pre-filter, or wash it with water and ensure it is dry before reinstalling it.

Vacuum the front cover before putting it back on, and wipe it down with a damp cloth if it’s dirty.

Step 2: Clean The Carbon Filter

The carbon filter is attached to the back of the pre-filter so that it will come out together with it. Remove the pre-filter slowly by pressing down on the top two clips, careful not to shake it too much.

The pre-filter can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or water, depending on the dirt or debris on it.

Use a soft brush or vacuum to clean the air outlet on the top, and avoid brushing the dust into the outlet.

Step 3: Clean The Air Quality Sensor

Every two months, clean the air quality sensor on the right side of the purifier. Open the little cover protecting the sensor and use a brush or small vacuum to remove any large debris first.

Lightly clean the lens and the dust inlets and outlets around it with a cotton swab and water, and wipe them dry with a cloth before closing it back up.

Step 4: Replace The Filters

About every six months, replace the carbon filter, and every year, replace the HEPA filter. The corresponding replacement indicator light should come on to remind you.

Ensure that the HEPA filter is installed in the correct direction, with labels on the front and a printed arrow indicating the airflow direction.

Press and hold the reset button for two seconds after replacing the filter, and the indicator light will turn off with the countdown timer restarted.

Coway Air Purifier Not Turning On

Your Coway air purifier is giving you trouble and refuses to turn on. No need to panic, let’s go over some steps to try and fix the issue.

Step: 1

Firstly, let’s make sure the power cord is plugged in properly. If not, give it a good plug and see if that solves the problem.

Step 2:

Next, let’s test the power outlet by plugging in another device to ensure it functions correctly.

Step 3:
Now, look at the air purifier’s power button and make sure it’s switched on. It’s easy to forget, so it’s worth checking twice.

Step 4:
If none of these steps work, the filter may be the culprit. Check to see if it’s clogged and needs cleaning or replacing.

A dirty filter can cause the air purifier to shut off as a safety measure.

Also, give the power cord a once-over for any signs of damage or wear and tear. If it’s damaged or frayed, it can cause the air purifier to malfunction.

Still no luck?

Try resetting the air purifier by unplugging it from the power source, waiting a few minutes, and plugging it back in. This straightforward step can often do the trick.

But if all else fails, don’t worry. Coway’s customer support team is here to help.

Call or email them, and they’ll gladly help you troubleshoot or arrange a repair or replacement if necessary.

You can reach them at (213) 386-3033, and them email here

How To Troubleshoot Coway Air Purifier Power Issues

First, check the power cord to ensure it’s plugged into a working outlet. If the outlet is damaged, switch to another one in your house.

If the air purifier isn’t responding to your remote control commands, check the batteries and make sure the appliance is within range.

If the remote works fine, reset the appliance by unplugging it for a few minutes.

Is the indicator light on your Coway air purifier not working? Double-check that the power cable is plugged in properly and the outlet is functioning. If it’s still not working, contact Coway customer support for assistance.

Having trouble resetting your Cowaay air purifier?

Try holding down the On/Off switch for several seconds and then release it. If that doesn’t work, turn off the unit, unplug it, and leave it alone for a few minutes to let the system reset.

If your Coway air purifier still isn’t working, it might be due to a power outage, clogged filters, or a malfunctioning fan motor.

Ensure the unit receives enough power, check and clean the filters, and contact customer service or a local repair shop if necessary.

And remember, if you’re unsure about any of these steps, don’t hesitate to contact customer support or a professional repair service for help.

Coway Air Purifier Keeps Turning Off

If a Coway air purifier keeps turning off, there could be several reasons.

One possible reason is clogged filters.

Over time, filters can become clogged with dust and other particles, which can cause the air purifier to shut off.

To fix this issue, the filters should be cleaned or replaced.

Another possible reason is overheating.

If the air purifier is placed where it cannot take in air or blow it out, it may overheat and shut off.

To prevent this, the air purifier should be kept where it can take in and blow out air without obstruction.

Malfunctioning controls and broken wiring are also possible reasons for the air purifier to turn off. If so, the air purifier should be repaired or replaced.

Contamination with dust or other particles is another possible reason the air purifier turns off.

To fix this issue, the air purifier should be cleaned.

If the wiring is incorrect, the air purifier may also turn off. In this case, the air purifier should be rewired.

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Why Is There No Air Blowing In My Coway Air Purifier

If your Coway air purifier isn’t blowing any air, there are a few things you can check.

  • Check if the purifier is powered and the power cord is connected properly.
  • Ensure that the front cover is closed properly.
  • Check if the display is turned on.

If none of these solutions work, it may be best to contact Coway customer support for further assistance.

How Do I Troubleshoot The Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues On My Coway Air Purifier?

Here are the steps to troubleshoot Wi-Fi connectivity issues on your Coway air purifier:

Step 1: Install the Io Care app on your phone and register your product.

Step 2: Connect your product to Wi-Fi by holding down the Wi-Fi and filter reset buttons until the indicator blinks.

Step 3: Ensure your Wi-Fi is connected and the router password is entered correctly.

Step 4: Confirm that the air purifier is turned on and within range of the Wi-Fi router.

If issues persist, refer to Coway’s FAQ page.

Coway Air Purifier Replacement Parts And Accessories

Coway Air Purifier Replacement Parts and AccessoriesPrice
Airmega AP-1512HH Air Purifier Replacement FilterCheck Price
400/400S Replacement Filter for Coway AIRMEGA Max2Check Price
Coway Airmega 250/250S Air Purifier Replacement Filter SetCheck Price
AIRMEGA Max 2 Air Purifier Replacement Filter Set for 300/300SCheck Price

Coway Air Purifier Troubleshooting FAQ

Coway Troubleshooting FAQ

How Do I Know When My Coway Air Filter Needs To Be Replaced?

To replace the Coway air filter, follow these guidelines:

• Replace the filter yearly

• Replace pre-filters every 30 days

• Replace carbon filters every 3-6 months

• Check reset indicator, odor LED, and HEPA LED for blinking

Where To Find Coway Air Purifier Manuals

ModelManual Link
Coway AP-1512HHManual
Airmega 200MManual 
Coway Airmega 230Manual 
Airmega 400S/400/300s/300Manual
Coway Airmega 240Manual 
Airmega 250Manual

How To Clean The Coway Air Quality Sensor

To clean the Coway air quality sensor, use a soft brush or vacuum cleaner every two months or more regularly in dusty environments.

Wipe the lens and dust the inlet and outlet with a dry cotton swab after opening the air quality sensor cover on the right-hand side of the unit.

Clean the pre-filter by removing it and using a vacuum cleaner or water, depending on the degree of pollution. Be careful not to let dust fall inside the unit.

Coway Air Purifier Odor Light On

The odor light on your Coway air purifier is on when the deodorization filter detects odors in the air. It may indicate heavy or polluted air.

Troubleshoot by turning up the air purifier or checking and replacing the filter.

Also, check out our other helpful troubleshooting guides, such as Nuwave Oxypure air purifier troubleshooting. I hope you found this guide helpful.

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