Do Air Purifiers Cool The Room? (Quick Guide)

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  • Date: September 26, 2022
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Are you wondering Do Air Purifiers Cool the Room?

Perfect, you’re in the right place!

In this quick guide, I will be breaking down the facts on how you can cool down your room while still purifying the air.

Along with, important facts every air purifier owner should know.

Do Air Purifiers Cool The Room?

A quick answer is yes. Air purifiers will change the temperature of a room. 

This is because air purifiers are fans. And they also have filters. These filters clean the air up by cleaning pollen, dust, and particles out of the air.

In fact, air purifiers can have anywhere from 1-3 filters. The more filters, the less air you feel. 

However, air-purifying machines are not meant to replace a box fan or ceiling fan.

If you would like an air purifier that feels like a fan and helps to drive down the temperature of the room, then you can look for the CADR rating of your device. 

CADR means Clean Air Delivery Rate. It states just how strongly a purifier can spread the air in a room.

Because the air purifier is like a fan, you might feel cool. This is especially true if the airflow direction is pointed toward your body. 

Just as an electrical fan does, the airflow from the purifier will cool you off. This happens as the air moves over the skin.

However, It all depends on the CADR rating. This number is usually about 80 to 300 CFM.  The CFM rating of a ceiling fan for instance is 2000 at minimum.  

So, the cool feeling you get from an air purifier will be minimal at best. Not to mention, the air that will be blown will be warm air.

Why Air Purifiers Don’t Cool the Room?

They do not have a cooling device inside as an AC unit does. An air purifier will not make the room chilly. At best it will serve as a fan by blowing warm air.

You might feel a slight breeze near the air purifier. This is because the device can pull and push the air. 

With the air in circulation as such the room can feel cool. If the device has a high CADR rate, it can matter also. It could blow air more strongly and thus make the room feel cooler.

Let’s talk a little more about airflow..

The direction of the airflow makes a difference. Think about your standard ceiling fan.

You know the fan can go in two directions. It goes counterclockwise in summer, and clockwise in winter. 

The summer rotation pulls the airflow toward us. Meanwhile, the winter rotation turns clockwise. It then brings the warm air from the ceiling down to us. 

Your air purifier’s direction of airflow will vary from model to model. Thanks to this it may or may not cool off the air.

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Most of the time your air purifier will push the air upward. This helps circulate it around the room. 

The air purifier will pull air in from the back, front, side, or even using 360-degree technology.

Such designs won’t make you feel any cooler. These designs in particular actually make the room warmer. They bring the air down from the ceiling. 

So, they are great for winter, but not very helpful for summer. 

How Can I Cool Down My Room While Still Purifying The Air? 

Air purifier and fan at the same time

There are some ways you can cool down the temperature of a room. While cleaning the air from dust and particles at the same time.


You can bring a fan into the room with your air purifier. Or you can also install a window unit AC to help. 

A portable air conditioning unit can work well to cool a room. You can buy these items at any major retailer.

However, there are some other options. Take a look at some ideas below.

Air Purifier Fan Combo 

This great item is exactly what it sounds like. This is a device that combines the cleanliness of an air purifier with the cooling properties of a fan. 

You can buy them at most major retailers. Dyson is a very popular brand. For example, Dyson TP02 is a great choice. 

This product offers users the chance to enjoy a fan in summer. It helps rid the air of over 99% of bacteria and other pollutants.

It even works with your Alexa device.

Does Dyson Air Purifier cool the room?

Let’s explore the general benefits of these purifiers/fan combos. It doesn’t need to be a Dyson, either!

List of benefits

  • Offers you the cooling breeze of a fan and clean air for the room
  • You can save space by combining two household devices in one
  • Air purifiers help keep your family healthy by getting rid of harmful pollutants out of the air

How to use it 

  • Pick a good location for your purifier.  Make sure it has some clear space all around it. 
  • Do not turn off the purifier. This is especially true if you have smokers in the house. Or, folks with asthma or other respiratory issues.
  • Point it so the airflow goes toward the people in the room.
  • Keep doors and windows shut. 
  • Clean the filters or change them on a regular basis.

Air Purifier Cooler Combo 

These are mini coolers that feature three modes of power. They can purify, cool, and serve as a fan. They use misting and cooling technology. 

Some feature different fan speeds. For example, this HOMFUL brand machine has three fan speeds. You can add ice to make it cold faster.

Smaller units like this are mostly for personal use. You can’t cool a room with it. However, it’s great for getting a comfortable and clean night’s sleep.


  • Smaller units mean easier storage and easy portability
  • Great for personal use and small spaces
  • Offers you cooling, heating and fan capability
  • These don’t use a lot of power.

How to use it

  • Set it up on a desk, nightstand or table near you.
  • Fill it up with cold water or ice cubes per the directions. Now turn it on and enjoy!
  • Make sure to clean your air cooler’s filter as necessary. You can do this with soapy, warm water. Wipe the tray and grill. Rinse off and get it clean. Then, let it air dry.
  • Clean the water tank with a bottle brush or toothbrush and water, allowing it to air dry.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, “Do Air Purifiers Cool down the Room?”

In short, they do not cool the room. 

You need a fan, A/C unit, or cooler/purifier combo to do that.

Thankfully, there are many good purifier combos to choose from. Make sure to read reviews and learn about the product. Then, enjoy your new device and stay cool!

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