Do Bamboo Charcoal Bags Really Work to Purify Air? With Facts

  • Author: Irene Batres
  • Date: April 29, 2023
  • Time to read: 6 min.
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The bamboo charcoal bag is a revolutionary new product on the market.

Made from high-quality, eco-friendly material and infused with natural bamboo charcoal, these bags are designed to remove toxins from the air in your home or office.

But the question is, do bamboo charcoal bags really work to purify air?

That’s what we’re going to find out today.

Read through to discover if they really work. 

I will also go through several other frequently asked questions about bamboo charcoal bags and air purification.

Do Bamboo Charcoal Bags Really Work?

While they are not as effective as air purifiers, Bamboo charcoal bags have a similar effect on air purification as they have on water purification.

The bamboo charcoal is able to capture and bind toxins, such as formaldehyde or benzene, from the air for several hours at a time.

What Are Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bags?

As the name suggests, these bags contain natural bamboo charcoal, which is a great air purifier

They are designed to be hung in your house or office and work for hours at a time to remove harmful allergens and pollutants from the air you breathe. 

They work best when they are hung in a central location. And They are often packaged in linen bags. 

In addition, bamboo charcoal bags work by capturing toxins like formaldehyde or benzene and then binding them, so they don’t enter your lungs when you breathe in. 

This provides you with clean, healthy air all day long without having to worry about harmful chemicals entering your home or office space!

 The best part: these are reusable! 

You can use them over and over again until they wear out naturally after a year or more, depending on how often they’ve been used beforehand.

Is Bamboo Charcoal Safe?

Bamboo charcoal is a safe and natural material found in the earth’s crust. 

It is a porous form of coal, which means it has thousands of tiny holes that allow air and moisture through. 

This makes bamboo charcoal an effective water purifier by removing toxins from your drinking water without allowing them to enter the body. 

Plus, they are safe to use in your home or office without worrying about harmful chemicals entering the air.

How To Use A Bamboo Charcoal Bag

Using Bamboo charcoal bags is easy!

Simply place the bag in a central location near your kitchen or living room. 

You’ll want to hang it from a sturdy string because they are lightweight and can easily be knocked over by air currents if not secured properly. 

These bags work best when hanging around three feet off the ground, so keep this in mind before you start installing them.

The bamboo charcoal is able to capture and bind toxins, such as formaldehyde or benzene, from the air for several hours at a time. 

If you want to optimize the effectiveness of your bamboo charcoal bag, try hanging it in a central location. 

This will allow all corners of the room to benefit from its purifying properties.

You can reuse these bags for years until they wear out naturally and lose their air-purifying qualities.

 At this point, you can easily replace them with new ones.

These are inexpensive, eco-friendly options while still providing excellent results when used as directed.

We recommend placing one or two bamboo charcoal bags in small spaces like offices or dorm rooms where there may not be high levels of toxins present.

But more than enough allergens and pollutants need removing.

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How Long Does It Take For Charcoal Bags To Work?

Bamboo charcoal bags will take about 30 minutes to start working, but the more you use them, the faster they’ll work.

How Long Do Activated Charcoal Bags Last?

On average, a bamboo charcoal bag will last for a year or more, depending on how often it’s been used. 

However, it’s important to note that the more you use it, the faster its effectiveness will go down. 

This is because bamboo charcoal bags filter out toxins over time and need to be replaced as soon as they stop being effective enough.

Do Charcoal Bags Work For Mold?

Yes, an activated bamboo charcoal bag will work against mold and other pollutants that cause asthma or allergies.

 It will trap mold spores in the bag, preventing them from being breathed into your lungs.

Do Bamboo Charcoal Bags Eliminate Dust?

Yes. These bags are also effective against dust. They are effective against allergens and other pollutants, so they’ll work in a range of spaces as long as there is airflow.

Best Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifier Bags

There are several brands of bamboo charcoal bags out there. Finding a good-quality one can be tough.

Here are a few that we trust:

  • MOSO NATURAL: This is brand is known for using high-quality materials. Plus, these bamboo charcoal air purifiers cover about 90 square feet and last up to 2 years.
  • Products4Future Charcoal Air Purifying Bags: Comes in a 4 Pack with different colors. They are also Organic, Eco Friendly & Chemical Free. You can easily fit them in a gym bag, closet, kitchen, and batroom.
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    While there are other options out there, these are our three favorites. 

    They will not only remove odors and other pollutants but are also made with high-quality materials and come in various sizes.

    What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Using Bamboo Charcoal Bags?

    Bamboo charcoal bags work well for people who suffer from allergies or chemical sensitivities because they remove allergen-causing particles like dust mites, mold spores, and pet dander that can cause allergic reactions.

    Bamboo charcoal has also been shown to eliminate volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which may irritate respiratory conditions, including asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

    Another benefit is that you can reuse these bags for years until they wear out naturally and lose their air-purifying qualities. 

    At this point, you can easily replace them with new ones. 

    These are inexpensive option that is eco-friendly while still providing great results when used as directed.

    Can You Make Your Own Activated Charcoal Bags?

    If you are on a budget and want to save some money you can make many activated charcoal bags for a fraction of the price.

    Here is how:

    1. All you’ll need is a good activated charcoal powder. Here is a good bamboo activated charcoal powder I found on Amazon.
    2. Then you”ll need a small cotton nylon bag. If you don’t want to purchase small cotton bags, then you can take a sock. Make sure you use one that is clean and in good shape.
    3. Take the activated powder and fill the small cotton bag or sock. Do not fill to the top. Charcoal powder can be messy if miss handled.
    4. Tie or sew the bag at the top. And then place the pouch where ever you want to freshen the air.

    Final Thoughts

    Bamboo charcoal bags are affordable to buy plus easy to install so you can purify the air in any space.

    It’s important that it be hung at an appropriate height because it may knock over if there is too much airflow around it. 

    As long as this rule is followed, bamboo charcoal bags will work great for years while removing toxins from the air, such as formaldehyde or benzene.

    Finally, we recommend using one or two bamboo charcoal bags in small spaces like offices or dorm rooms where there might not be higher levels of pollution present.

    But there are more than enough allergens and pollutants that need removing.