Holmes Air Purifier Troubleshooting (7 Top Problems)

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In this guide, we’ll answer common holmes air purifier troubleshooting questions.

We’ll also explain how to install and use a home air purifier and common reasons why your holmes air purifier stopped working.

The goal here is to help you get your holmes air purifier back up and running again so that your home will have clean breathable air.

How To Install And Use A Holmes Air Purifier

Installing your Holmes air purifier shouldn’t be difficult, especially since it comes with user manuals to help you install the device.

Here are some tips on how to go about it:

Keep The Air Purifier Away From Small Electronics


Air purifiers are classified as small electronics, and in some cases, they do not work well when placed close to other small electronics. By other small electronics, we mean stuff like your television, DVD player, DVRs, and the like.

We recommend placing your air purifier at least two feet away from other electronics. Placing them too close may cause wavelength interference, which will result in poor performance.

We also recommend using grounded power sockets for best results.

Use It In A Spacious Place

When you are ready to plug it in, keep the air purifier at least one foot away from walls and furniture to have enough space for the unit’s internal fan. Keep this tip in mind when planning your installation location as well.

For best results, avoid tight places and corners. If you are using the unit in a tight space, be sure to use it with an extension cord.

Be Mindful Of The Air Purifier’s Coverage Area

You don’t want to, for instance, use a 200 sq. ft. purifier in a 1000 sq. ft. room.

The same case applies to high-capacity models, which are better used in large rooms. So for best results, be sure to use the device as per its coverage area.

Filter Replacement Tip For Holmes Air Purifier

The filter needs regular cleaning and maintenance every month or two, depending on your usage time.

Don’t wait until they become dirty as this will affect its performance too. You can clean them by using a vacuum cleaner or washing them in soap and water.

Be sure to dry the filters before you re-install, however. If they are still wet when you install them back into your air purifier, this will also result in poor performance.

Why Did My Holmes Air Purifier Stop Working?

Your air purifier may stop working for various reasons, which include:

A Clogged Filter:

If the filter is clogged, this will cause improper airflow and prevent the device from working efficiently. Clean your filters regularly to avoid this problem from happening.

If you have been using a dirty or dusty air purifier for a long time, it may be wise to clean them first before installing them back into your unit as well.

Faulty Power Socket:

The air purifier won’t work if it’s plugged in but not receiving electricity properly due to a faulty power socket.

Check on these areas by following our troubleshooting tips below.

Poorly Placed Room Fan:

A high-powered room fan that is installed too close to the Holmes Air Purifier can also affect its performance efficiency.

You can test this by turning off the room fan and seeing if your Holmes Air Purifier works properly again.

A Faulty Motor:

If all of these don’t work for you, then there’s a chance that your device’s motor has stopped working because it burned out due to overuse or wear and tear from continuous use already.

When this happens, we recommend contacting the manufacturer for help.

How Do I Reset My Holmes Air Purifier?

To reset the Holmes air purifier,

  • Unplug it from the wall socket
  • Wait 20-30 seconds, and plug it back in
  • Press and hold the reset/restore button for 10 seconds

The unit should reboot, and the indicator light turns green when this is done.

How Long Can I Run My Holmes Air Purifier?

There is no time limit on running your Holmes Air Purifier. You can run it 24/7.

However, note that running it this way may put more pressure on its components, reducing its lifespan.

How often you run the device will depend on factors like what times you are home, how much smog is in the air (if you are using it for relief), and how often your allergies act up.

How to Take Apart Holmes Air Purifier

There is always a user manual that comes with the air purifier that will tell you how to take it apart.

However, it is always recommended to call in a technician to help with this in case there is a problem with its components.

You might want to contact the manufacturer so they can send their technician as taking it apart yourself may void the warranty of your device.

How to Replace the Filter on a Holmes Air Purifier

It is important to look at the User Manual on the model of holmes air purifier you have. Every model is different but below is a quick overview of the steps needed to change out the filters.

  • Turn off the air purifier.
  • Remove the cover behind the filter.
  • Unhook and lift out both sides of your Holmes Air Purifier Filter.
  • Insert a new filter on either side, making sure it is secure in place before you close up your air purifier again.
  • Plug back into the power source to start using or testing right away.

What Kind of Filter Does A Holmes Air Purifier Use?

Holmes uses AER1 HEPA-type air filters in most of its devices. The devices also have a carbon filter that can remove odors to give you a fresh-smelling environment.

Holmes Air Purifier Filter Replacement

There is a filter life indicator on most of Holme’s air purifiers.

When the filter needs to be replaced, the indicator will turn on. Holmes recommends replacing the carbon filter every three-six months, and the HEPA filter should be replaced every 12-18 months.

This depends on how often you use the device. You can find the Filter replacements on Amazon depending on your model.

Air Purifier Filter Replacements
Holmes Air Purifier Filter Replacements
  • Colorfullife 4 True HEPA + 8 Pre Filter for Holmes AER1 Allergen Remover Filter, 0
  • Replaces A Filter, D Filter, K Filter
  • Package include 4 HEPA + 8 Pre Filter

How Do You Open A Holmes Air Purifier?

Unplug the device from the power source and then lift it up on its cover.

What Is The Blue Light For On My Holmes Air Purifier?

The blue light can be for the optional ionizer or the important check-filter indicator depending on the model number. In case you are unsure, you may want to contact the manufacturer for assistance.

What Does Orange Light Mean On An Air Purifier?

On most air purifiers, the orange light flashes when it is time to check and replace the air filter.

You might want to contact the manufacturer and ask what it means on your specific model. The light is important as it tells you if the filter needs to be replaced.

For example, if the light stays on and won’t turn off after you have already changed or cleaned your air filter, it means that the filter is improperly installed, or there could be other issues with the device.

Holmes Egg Air Purifier How to Clean Filter

  • Unplug the device from the power source
  • Pull off the cover and then pull out the HEPA filter
  • Vacuum the filter thoroughly until all dust and dirt is gone
  • Rinse the filter with water and let it dry for at least 24 hours before putting it back in your device

Note, however, that you should never use detergent, glass cleaner, gasoline, or any other solvent to clean the filter as this can damage it.

How Do You Clean The Fan On A Holmes Air Purifier?

Cleaning the fan is easy.

Unplug the device from the power source. Open the cover and wipe the blades using a damp cloth or duster. Ensure that you are only using water to clean the device, as any other liquid may damage it.

How To Maintain A Holmes Air Purifier

To properly maintain your Holmes air purifier, you will need to:

Clean the Filter And The Unit Regularly

This is essential in keeping your unit in good working condition.

You will need to check the filter every month and clean it regularly depending on how often you use your unit (heavy usage requires more frequent cleaning) and the type of environment that the purifier is used in (dustier environments require more frequent cleaning, obviously).

Replace The Filter when It’s Time To: 

Most Holmes air purifiers have filter indicators that will keep flashing when it is time to change the filter.

When this happens, you will need to change out your old filter with a new one and dispose of the old one properly.

Have It Serviced When Necessary: 

Depending on how often you use your unit and the environment that it is used in, Holmes recommends having your air purifier serviced every year.

What Does An Ionizer Do For Holmes Air Purifier?

An ionizer works by creating ions that attach to pollutants and particles in your room, so they become heavy enough to fall down or stick to the floor and walls.

It is important to note that ionizers can also produce ozone.

To make sure this doesn’t happen, turn off the device when it’s not needed or use an electronic air purifier without an ionizer if you want to completely avoid ozone.

Final Thoughts- Holmes Air Purifier Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting your Holmes Air Purifier will help you extend its life and make it work more efficiently.

Learn about different models, what their lights mean, how to take care of the filters, and other parts such as the fan to have a working device for years.

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