How To Hide Vape Smell 11 Proven Strategies

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Vaping has become a popular alternative to smoking, with millions worldwide turning to e-cigarettes to satisfy their nicotine cravings. 

However, the smell of vape can be a significant turn-off for non-smokers and can linger in a room for hours, leaving an unpleasant odor. 

To help you enjoy your vaping experience without disturbing others, we have compiled a list of tips and tricks on hiding the vape smell. 

With these easy-to-follow strategies, you can enjoy your vape while being considerate of others and keeping your surroundings smelling fresh and clean.

So let’s dive in and discover how to hide vape smell effectively!

How To Hide Vape Smell

How To Hide Vape Smell 

Below you will find some easy but effective ways to hide the vape smell indoors.

1. Open Up Your Window:

It is a good idea to vape by the window as it allows for proper ventilation. Crack the window open and blow the smoke out to prevent any smell from lingering.

2. Snag An Air Purifier:

These bad boys trap all sorts of particles in the air, including vape smoke and odor, so you can breathe easily and keep your room smelling good.

Check out our post on the Best Air purifiers to Make your vaping experience more enjoyable. You will also find how to choose an air purifier that is the best for your home. 

3. Run A Fan:

Use a fan, preferably a ceiling fan or a small fan, can help circulate the room air and reduce the vape smell’s concentration.

4. Vape In The Bathroom:

This method is ideal for those who want to take a shower. Turn on the shower, let it run until the steam builds up, and then vape. If anyone asks, you can always say that it is just steam from the shower.

5. Go For Discreet E-Liquids:

If you don’t want to attract any unwanted attention with a strong scent. Stick to flavors like tobacco, menthol, or plain to keep things low-key.

6. Use A Smoke Buddy:

It’s a nifty little personal air filter that eliminates any smoke or vapor you exhale. It’s perfect for public vaping because it keeps everything on the down low.

7. Vape In A Well-Ventilated Area: 

You can open a window or use a fan to help dissipate any smell or visible vapor. This is especially important if you’re using a strong-smelling flavor that might linger in the air.

8. Use A Vapenut: 

This little device filters in your vape and spits it back out as fresh air, cutting down on the stank that hangs around. You can switch between auto mode and high mode, with high mode clearing out a solid 90% of the vape particles in the air.

9. Grab Some Air Fresheners Or Odor Eliminators:

These guys will cover up the scent of your vape and make your space smell nice and fresh.

10. Use A Sploofy:

The Sploofy is an excellent product that helps to hide vape smoke, and it is highly recommended for hiding smoke.

The Sploofy is highly effective at taking care of the smell of vape smoke, and it is a great alternative to blowing smoke into a cardboard tube with dryer sheets

Users have noted that the Sploofy is very easy to use and maintain. It has a simple, user-friendly design, and the filters are easy to change

11. Vape Outdoors

Vaping outdoors can help dissipate the smell of the vapor more quickly. This is because there is more air circulation outdoors, which can help disperse the mist.

Additionally, the scent of the e-liquid may be less noticeable outdoors than indoors, making it easier to hide your habit.

How To Hide Vape Smell indoors

Understanding The Science Behind Vape Smell

The smell of vaping comes from the volatile organic compounds produced during the process. However, this smell is not as strong or long-lasting as the smell of cigarette smoke. 

It can have a pleasant or unpleasant scent, depending on the e-liquid used and the device’s proper usage. Leakage or using the wrong e-liquid can cause an unpleasant smell, but using proper e-liquid and keeping the device upright can solve this problem.

When vaping, trace amounts of e-juice burn, producing gunk that can create an odor. Changing the coil and cleaning the tank with new e-juice can help eliminate the odor caused by the e-liquid. 

Nicotine itself has a bold flavor profile that can be harsh or chemically, making the vaping experience unpleasant. Shaking the vape juice bottle well before use can mix the nicotine with other flavors in the juice to prevent a harsh flavor. 

Replacing coils regularly and soaking wicks before taking a hit can prevent burnt coils, producing an unpleasant odor. 

Remember, being mindful of the e-liquid used and the device’s proper usage can make the vaping experience more pleasant for everyone.



Well, when it comes down to it, vaping can be a really satisfying way to scratch that nicotine itch. 

But you gotta admit, that vape smell can be a real downer for non-smokers. It just hangs in the air for ages, y’know?

The good news is, there are a bunch of different tricks you can use to keep that vape smell under control. Like, for example, you can always make sure to vape somewhere away from any smoke detectors. And it’s always a good idea to crack open a window or use a fan to get some fresh air flowing. 

If you’re really serious about minimizing the smell, you might wanna think about vaping in the bathroom or somewhere else with good ventilation.

Of course, there are also some nifty little gadgets out there that can help you out. Things like the Smoke Buddy or Vapenut can work wonders when it comes to cutting down on that vape smell. And if you really wanna go all out, you can always try using sploofs, air fresheners, or even an air purifier.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is just to be mindful of others. You know, make sure you’re not blowing that vape in someone’s face or anything like that. And keep in mind that a little consideration can go a long way. 

Products That Help Hide Vape Smell

Air Purifier✔️ Effectively removes smoke and odor❌ Can be noisy and expensive
Ozium Air Sanitizer Spray✔️ Fast and easy to use❌ Chemical smell may be overpowering
Incense Sticks✔️ Pleasant aroma❌ Smoke may irritate the lungs
Essential Oil Diffuser✔️ Variety of scents available❌ May not completely eliminate smells
Odor Eliminating Candles✔️ Can create a cozy atmosphere❌ May release harmful chemicals when burned

FAQ How To Hide Vape Smoke Indoors

How To Hide the Smell Of Vaping In My Room With No Windows?

It’s difficult to completely hide the smell of vaping in a room without windows, but you can try a few things. First, use a fan or ventilation system to circulate the air and reduce the smell. Second, use an air purifier with a HEPA filter to help remove the odor. Third, try using a sploof or smoke buddy to filter the vapor before exhaling.

What Is Stealth Vaping?

Stealth vaping refers to the act of vaping in a discreet or concealed manner, often to avoid detection or attention. 

This may involve taking small, quick puffs or holding in the vapor for a shorter period of time to minimize visible exhalation. 

Some vapers may also use devices that produce less vapor or have features such as adjustable airflow to reduce the amount of visible vapor. The practice of stealth vaping is often used in situations where vaping is not allowed or socially acceptable.

How Long Does The Vape Smell Take To Go Away?

You might wonder how long the smell will stick around when you exhale that sweet vapor. Well, it all depends on a few factors, like the type of vape you have, how much of a cloud you produce, and what flavor you’re puffing on. 

But fear not, my friend! 

Typically, that scent will vanish in thin air within a few minutes. To speed up the process, ensure fresh air is circulating around your vape station. A little ventilation goes a long way (1.)(2.) (3.)(4.)

Why Hide Vape Smell?

vaping may be a personal choice, not everyone may be comfortable with the scent. Moreover, some individuals may find the smell overwhelming, particularly those with respiratory problems or allergies.

Furthermore, many workplaces and public areas have strict regulations on smoking or vaping. Vaping in such areas could result in penalties, citations, or even legal trouble. Therefore, it is vital to adhere to these policies and exhibit consideration for others in shared spaces.

Lastly, some vapers may prefer to keep their vaping private. They may not want to inconvenience others with the scent of their vape or attract unwanted attention to themselves.

Regardless of the reason, various tips and tricks are available to help conceal the smell of vape smoke.

What Are Some Tips For Concealing The Smell Of A Vape In A Public Place? 

If you’re considering vaping in a public place where it’s not allowed, I wouldn’t recommend it. However, if you still want to do it, here are some tips that can help you conceal the vape smell:

• Make sure you’re in a well-ventilated area, so the scent can dissipate more easily

• Use a vaping kit specifically designed to hide smoke

• Pick an e-juice flavor that produces less odor

• Take small puffs instead of big ones

• Exhale into a tissue or cloth to reduce the scent

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