How To Reduce Dust In An Apartment (7 Simple Ways)

  • Author: Irene Batres
  • Date: December 31, 2022
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Can’t stand the dust?

In this article, I’ll go over some easy tips on how to reduce dust in an apartment. So that you can improve the air quality in your apartment and breathe good-quality air once again.

Let’s get started….

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How To Reduce Dust In An Apartment

It is hard to ignore the signs of a dirty apartment. Dust can be everywhere. It’s in the air and it settles on all your favorite things.

If you want to keep your home’s air clean, then reducing dust is essential.

I have found that excessive amounts of dust in my home, cause me to have breathing problems, eye, and nose irritation, and even allergy symptoms.


I’ve found that removing dust before accumulates has helped me a lot. And can help you too.

Here are some effective tips and strategies that will help you to reduce the amount of dust in your apartment quickly.

1. Washing Bedding & Towels

Your bed sheets and towels are a haven for dust mites and skin particles. So it is important to wash them weekly.

I l

ike to wash my towels on Mondays and I wash my bedding on Tuesdays. This is because it’s after the weekend, which is when my kids tend to become the messiest.

I also like to wash my sheets and blankets in hot water every week. Cold water leaves up to 10% of dust mites behind. 

The way I look at it, if you’re blankets and towels are more than a year old, consider dry cleaning or replacing them. Dry cleaning also kills dust mites. 

"wp-block-heading">2. Air Purifiers For A Dusty Apartment

Did you know that the average American six-room home brings in over 40 pounds of dust a year?

Fortunately, air purifiers work incredibly well to remove dust particles in the air.

Out of all the options on this list, I’ve found air purifiers with HEPA filters to be the most effective for reducing dust.

If you su

ffer from bad allergies, studies have shown that air purifiers can also remove pollen and other airborne contaminants and gases from the air.

Interested in an air purifier for your apartment? Check out this great post on the best air purifiers under $150.

3. Door Mats

Most of the dirt and dust that comes into your home is from shoes.

So it’s i

mportant to have doormats at every entrance.

Whether it’s your front door, mudroom, garage, or even your backdoor, make sure you have a cute mat out there that catches all that dirt. And prevents dust from coming into your home.

Most importantly, whether it’s you or your guests make sure they wipe their feet off before they step into your apartment.

k-heading">4. OPT For Window Blinds

Thick and long curtains are a dust magnet and can be a pain to clean.  

Blinds will be a much better option for reducing dust within the home. If you have Venetian blinds, they are really easy to clean slats.

5. Declutter

Décor is nice and can make our homes cozy, but unnecessary items in your home can collect a lot of dust.

So, it’s importa

nt to remove unnecessary items throughout your home.

This will not only help you reduce dust, but it will also help with organizing and decluttering the room.

Remove things, such as toys that don’t get played with, cookbooks you never use and fake plants, etc.

Once these things ar

e gone they won’t be sitting around collecting dust anymore.

6. Micro Fiber Cloth

Use a damp microfiber towel to dust with rather than a feather duster.

Now a feather duster is cute and retro but unfortunately, it only moves the dust around. And does not remove the dust effectively.

Alternately, a damp Mi

crofiber duster works a lot better than a feather duster. They are easy to use and work great for stair railings, and picture bookshelves, they go around a lot of things.  

7. Air & Vents

Air filters are famously known for creating dust problems.

If you haven’t replaced your air filter in a while it’s time to change them. Dirty air filters can affect the air quality in your home.   

I recommend you changed it

a couple of times a year. Ideally, 4 times per year with every season.

The way I think of it, your air filter is kind of like a hairbrush. If you use a hairbrush the first couple of times it works.

But, once it gets clogged up with hair it can’t brush your hair effectively. And, it puts a lot of stuff back into your hair that you don’t want there.

On the other hand, dirty air f

ilters can stop being effective at removing dust when they are dirty. And, they put dust particles back into the air.

When it comes to your vents and returns, the best way to clean them is with a vacuum cleaner with an attachment.


What Makes My Apartment So Dusty?

Studies suggest that more than 60% of house dust, originates from outdoors. It is tracked in by people entering through your doorways. Dust also comes from carpets, furniture, textile fibers, shoes, clothes, pet hair, decomposed insects, dead skin cells, and more.  

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Does Opening Windows Reduce Dust?

Everyone loves fresh air, but having windows open all the time can bring a lot of dust and dirt into your home. Constantly, having windows open wastes energy and allow the outside dust and pollen to come in.

Black Dust In An Apartment Is It Bad?

Soot, dust, and dirty insulation are known by many to cause issues like allergies and asthma, but if the black dust is wet it is more likely Mold.

Mold can be tricky to detect. If, you think there is mold in your apartment. You may want to do a mold test or contact a mold professional. Also is a good idea to consult with your physician for any concerns.

g>Final Thoughts- How Can I Make My Apartment Less Dusty?

Having a dusty apartment can definitely affect the air quality in your home. By following these easy, fast simple steps you’ll guarantee to reduce the amount of dust in your apartment quickly.

Remember to wipe down surfaces from top to bottom.

For example: Start wiping down from the highest point in your room like the top of window seals, top of doorways ceiling fans. Start there and then wipe all other surfaces going down in height. 

Then all you have to do is take ca

re of your floors by vacuuming sweeping or moping. Take care of dust in that order and you won’t have a dust problem.

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