Hunter Air Purifier Troubleshooting 11 Issues Solved

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  • Date: April 4, 2023
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Is your Hunter air purifier acting up, leaving you sneezing and wheezing?  

Well, don’t worry!  

I got you covered with this ultimate Hunter Air Purifier troubleshooting guide. Say goodbye to your worries as we help you overcome those pesky problems. 

Let’s dive in and get your air purifier back up and running. 

Hunter Air Purifier Troubleshooting 11 Issues Solved

How To Install And Use Hunter Air Purifier

Setting up and using your Hunter air purifier is a breeze! 

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Download their website’s user manual for your Hunter air purifier model. Contact Hunter Customer Support for assistance if you can’t locate your model.
  1. Always unplug the air purifier before servicing it, and avoid running the cord under carpets or covering it with rugs.
  1. Remove the air purifier from its box and remove the clear plastic protective bag. Place the unit on a firm, level surface in a suitable location, preferably a larger living space or an open floor plan.
  1. Before switching on the air purifier, ensure the filters are securely in place and haven’t become loose during shipping. 

Open the front grill by turning the knob until the notch above the Hunter logo aligns with the unlock symbol on the grill to check the filters.

  1. Access the filters by removing the two side panels. Your air purifier has two filters: an activated carbon pre-filter and a glass HEPA filter.
  1. Ensure the filters are securely in place before turning on the air purifier.
  1. Turn on the air purifier and adjust the settings as required. 

Following these easy steps, your Hunter air purifier will be installed and operational, ensuring cleaner and fresher air in your home.

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Why Is My Hunter Air Purifier Not Working?

There could be several reasons why your Hunter air purifier is not working. Based on the provided information, here are some possible issues and solutions:

No Power:

  • Ensure the air purifier is plugged into a working electrical outlet
  • Check for a faulty power cord
  • Reset the tripped circuit breaker

Poor Air Circulation:

  • Make sure the filter is correctly located in a place
  • If the filter is clogged, replace it with a new one
  • Check whether the air intake grills and air outlet are clean; if they are dirty, clean them and ensure the air purifier is dry before using it again
  • Verify that the room size and capacity of the air purifier match; if the air purifier is too small for the room, it may not function properly
  • Ensure no objects are blocking the air purifier’s airflow

Unresponsive Controls:

  • If the push buttons or touch controls are malfunctioning or unresponsive, try resetting the air purifier by pressing and holding the reset button (if available) or unplugging it from the power for 30 seconds and then plugging it back in

Strange Noises:

  • Inspect for loose parts and tighten them if necessary
  • Check for damaged fan blades and replace them if needed

How Do You Reset the Filter Light on A Hunter Air Purifier?

To reset the filter light on a Hunter air purifier, follow these steps:

  1. Determine the model of your Hunter air purifier, as different models may have different reset procedures.

For Most Hunter Air Purifier Models:

  1. Locate the “replace filter” or “filter change” button on the control panel of the air purifier.
  2. Press and hold the button for 3-5 seconds until you hear a beep. This indicates the filter light has been reset.

For Models With A “reset Filter” Button:

  1. Find the “reset filter” hole on the control panel of the air purifier.
  1. Insert a paperclip into the hole and press the “reset filter” button.

For The Hunter Hp800 Air Purifier:

  1. Perform a power reset by unplugging the unit for 1 minute and plugging it back in.
  1. Check the user manual for instructions on resetting the filter time indicator.
  2. To reset the HEPA filter indicator, press and hold the HEPA filter button for 3 seconds until you hear 3 beeps.

For the Hunter-Quiet Flo-Ultra-30736 Model:

  1. Press the “FILTER RESET” button on the control panel to reset the HEPA filter life counter.
  1. Refer to the user manual for detailed instructions on changing the filter and resetting the filter life counter.

Regular maintenance is crucial for your air purifier’s performance. 

Change the pre-filter every 3 months and the HEPA filter every 6 months under normal continuous use conditions. 

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Why Is My Filter Indicator Light Blinking On My Hunter Air Purifier?

If the filter indicator light is blinking on your Hunter air purifier, it means that the filters need to be changed. 

Typically, the carbon pre-filters should be replaced every 2 to 3 months. To turn off the blinking light, you can either replace the filters or reset the unit. 

If your air purifier has a reset button, press and hold it until the lights go out. 

Alternatively, you can reset the filter indicator button once the pre-filter and/or HEPA filter have been replaced. 

To reset the HEPA filter indicator, press and hold the HEPA filter button for 3 seconds

How Do I Turn Off the Red Light On My Hunter Air Purifier?

To turn off the red light on your Hunter air purifier, follow these steps based on the information provided:

Step 1: Unplug the air purifier from the power source for safety.

Step 2: Determine the reason for the red light:

A. If it’s a filter indicator light, replace the filter as needed. Carbon filters should be changed every 2-3 months, and HEPA filters every 12-18 months.

B. If it’s a blinking light, press and hold both up and down arrows until the red light blinks rapidly, release both for a second or two, and press and hold the up arrow until the light turns off.

C. If it’s an accent light, press the accent light button to turn the light on and off.

Step 3. If the red light is a filter indicator, hold the ion button for 3 seconds to stop the red light from flashing after replacing the filter.

Step 4. Clean the pre-filter if needed, following the instructions provided in the manual. 

Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and debris from the fabric, then reattach the fabric to the filter with the velcro strips.

Step 5. Plug the air purifier back into the power source and turn it on. Test to ensure the red light is no longer illuminated.

How Do I Clean My Hunter Air Purifier

To clean your Hunter air purifier, follow these steps:

  1. Unplug the air purifier from the power source for safety.
  1. Clean the exterior using a moistened soft cloth. 

Avoid pouring or splashing water on the air purifier or using abrasive cleaners. Focus on cleaning the air intake grills and air outlets.

  1. Remove the front grille by locating the notches on the side and pulling gently.
  1. Take out the old HEPA filter and pre-filter. Replace them with new ones if necessary.
  1. If the HEPA filter is washable, as the user manual indicates, wash it with warm water and let it dry. 

If the filter is filthy, you can soak it in hot water. If the filter is not washable, use a vacuum to remove dust and debris.

  1. Reassemble the air purifier by inserting the pegs of the grille into the corresponding holes and snapping it shut.
  1. Ensure the air purifier is completely dry before plugging it back into a power outlet and turning it on.

How To Change The Filters In Your Hunter 

To change the filters in your Hunter air purifier, follow these steps:

  1. Please turn off the unit and unplug it from the power source.
  1. Locate the filter compartment, typically at the back of the unit.
  1. Open the filter compartment by pressing the release button or pulling the latch.
  1. Remove the old filter from inside the machine.
  1. Take the new pre-filter and wrap it around the HEPA filter.
  1. Secure it with Velcro.
  1. For other models like Hunter, refer to the user manual.

After replacing the filter, reset the filter indicator light by pressing and holding the filter reset button for 3-5 seconds. 

How often should I clean the filter of my Hunter air purifier to ensure optimal performance?

For optimal performance of your Hunter air purifier, it is recommended to replace the filters every 6-12 months, depending on usage and air quality. 

Regular filter replacement ensures that the air purifier effectively removes pollutants from the air. 

However, if your model has a washable pre-filter, you can clean it more frequently, such as once a month or as needed, based on the dust and pollutants in your environment. 

Refer to the user manual for your model’s cleaning and maintenance instructions.

Where To Find Hunter Air Purifier Replacement Parts

Replacement Filters ModelPrice
Hunter HP125Check Price
Hunter HP800Check Price
HP400Check Price
HP450UVCheck Price
HP600Check Price
Hunter 30930 Air Purifier Filter for Models 30200, 30250, 30253, 30255, 30350, 30374, 30375, 30377, 30380, 30695, 37255, 37375Check Price
HT1702, 10200Check Price
HT1701, 30100Check Price
All Other ModelsCheck Price

Best Practices For Maintaining Your Hunter Air Purifier

In addition to troubleshooting and cleaning your Hunter air purifier, you can follow several best practices to maintain its performance and ensure a healthy indoor environment. 

Here are some tips:

Change The Filter Regularly: 

Remember to change that filter! 

Depending on the type, you might need a new one every few months. Just peek at your user manual to see how often you should switch it out.

Space Matters: 

Keep your purifier in a clean, open spot. You don’t want it all cramped and dusty, or it won’t work its magic as well.

No Overloading, Please: 

Stick to the manufacturer’s guidelines for room size and purifier capacity. Overdoing it can make your purifier less effective and even shorten its life.

Keep It Running: 

Use your air purifier consistently at home for the best results. It’ll work better if it’s humming away regularly.

Consider Additional Air Quality Measures: 

Want even fresher air? Use natural cleaning products and crack open those windows for extra ventilation.

Follow these easy-peasy tips, and you’ll be on your way to a happier, healthier home with your trusty Hunter air purifier!

Where To Find Hunter Air Purifier Manuals

Hunter HP800Manual
Hunter HP400Manual
Hunter HP125Manual
Hunter HP450UVManual
HUNTER HT1701Manual
All Other ModelsManuals

Where To Contact Hunter Air Purifier Customer Service

To contact Hunter Air Purifier customer service for technical assistance or warranty service on specific models, you can call 1-800-975-7116

Alternatively, you can visit If you need to Email Hunter, you can email them at

For technical assistance with Hunter products, you can use the Support Library feature or email Technical Support on the Hunter Industries website.

FAQ Hunter Air Purifier Troubleshooting

Hunter Air Purifier Troubleshooting Guide

Why Is My Hunter Air Purifier Making A Strange Noise?

If your Hunter air purifier is making a strange noise, there could be several reasons for it:

Dust Buildup On Ionizer Pins: 

One common reason is that the ionizer pins have dust buildup, causing static electricity and ticking or clicking noise. 

To fix this issue, turn off the device, remove the filter, clean the ionizer pins with a soft brush or cloth, and then replace the filter.

Clogged Or Incorrectly Installed Filter: 

A dirty or clogged filter can cause whistling or unusual noises. Ensure to replace the filter regularly and install it correctly to avoid this issue.

Location Of The Air Purifier: 

The purifier’s location can also affect the noise level. If the purifier is placed in a high-traffic area or near a wall, it can cause more noise. 

Try moving the purifier to a quieter location to reduce the noise.

Inherently Loud Model: 

If none of these solutions work, your air purifier may be simply a loud model. 

Some air purifiers are designed to be louder than others, and there may not be a way to reduce the noise.

In this case, you may want to consider purchasing a quieter model.

To further address the strange noise issue with your Hunter air purifier, consider the following tips:

  • Regular Maintenance: 

Perform regular maintenance on your air purifier, including cleaning the exterior vents and other accessible components, to prevent dust buildup and improve efficiency.

  • Inspect The Fan: 

Inspect the fan for any debris, dust, or misalignment if the strange noise persists. Carefully clean the fan and its housing, or adjust it if necessary.

  • Check for Loose or Damaged Parts: 

Inspect the air purifier for any loose or damaged parts that could be causing the noise. Tighten or replace any problematic components as needed.

  • Consult The User Manual: 

Always refer to your Hunter air purifier’s user manual for specific instructions on troubleshooting and maintenance. The manual may provide additional guidance tailored to your specific model.

What Does Pre-Filter Mean On A Hunter Air Purifier?

A pre-filter on a Hunter air purifier is the first stage of filtration in the device. 

Its purpose is to capture large particles, such as pet hair and pollen, before reaching the main HEPA filter. 

By doing so, the pre-filter prolongs the life of the HEPA filter and improves the overall efficiency of the air purifier.

Located upstream of the primary filter, the pre-filter ensures that the airflow goes through it before touching the main filter. 

After the pre-filter captures the larger particles, the smaller particles that pass through are trapped by the True HEPA filter, which removes up to 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns.

The efficiency of a standard pre-filter ranges between 20% and 70%, and it can capture particles between 3 and 10 microns. This makes it particularly useful for pet owners. 

However, the pre-filter is less efficient than the HEPA filter, which can remove 99.97% of mold, bacteria, pollen, and dust.

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Can You Wash Hunter Air Purifier Filters?

According to the Hunter website, washing Hunter air purifier filters is generally not recommended, as it may damage the filter or air purifier. 

However, some sources suggest that washing air purifier filters is possible, but it depends on the manufacturer’s instructions.

Instead of washing, SafeWise recommends using a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and debris from air purifier filters. 

Another source mentions that if washing is required, it should involve careful rinsing of the dust from the filter. 

Additionally, a video on YouTube provides tips on how to clean reusable air filters, including washable ones. 

Following the manufacturer’s instructions for your specific Hunter air purifier model is essential to ensure proper care and maintenance.

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