Removing Pet Hair From Air {5 Ways You Can Prevent It}

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  • Date: September 26, 2022
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Removing pet hair from the air isn’t always easy.

In fact, pet hair can cause all kinds of health problems. Such as allergies, asthma, germs, and even itchy skin.

Although, allergic sensitization to cats and dogs is quite common it is better to avoid the hair if you can.

So, in this blog post, I will share with you some essential tricks on how to effectively remove pet hair from the air.

Remove Pet Hair From The Air 5 Best Ways

Below, you will find secret tips and tricks that will help you remove pet hair from the air.

1. Brush Your Pet Regularly

First things first, we’ve got to address the root cause of having fur problems indoors.

When it comes to shedding hair, it is completely normal for animals.

It is a natural way of getting rid of the old unneeded and damaged hair to make room for the new healthy hair.

Some animals shed all year, while others are only seasonal.

So, to reduce the amount of hair in the air it is important that you brush your pet regularly.

Alternatively, If you have a dog that has both an undercoat and a topcoat then you are going to need different types of brushes.

This will ensure that you will get all the fur out of the undercoat. Which causes most of the hair problems.

A popular brush that gets really deep into the undercoat is called the furminator brush.

What people really love about the fuminator brush, is that it works amazingly well to pull out the dense undercoat.

Another tip, when brushing your pet is to make sure you brush them outdoors.

If you have pet allergies you can have someone else do this task.

So, overall brushing will help maintain the overall health of your pet’s coat.

2. Air Purifiers

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Do you know that 12% of the general population and 25-65% of children, suffer from asthma and are sensitive to dog and cat allergens?

Fortunately, the quickest way to get rid of pet hair in the air is to use an air purifier.

Recent studies have shown that an air purifier with a True HEPA Filter removes 99.97% of allergen as small as 0.3 microns.

This means that True HEPA Filters can easily trap pet hair from every kind of animal.

You’ll also be glad to know, that some but not all air purifiers have an activated carbon filter. This filter also helps to absorb odors left by pets.

The activated carbon filter will help keep your home smelling fresh and clean.

If you are interested in an air purifier for your home, I recommend that you check out this post on the best air purifier for pets.

3. Use A Vacuum Cleaner

This might sound like overkill, but a good way to reduce pet hair is to vacuum every single day.

However, vacuum exhausts can send hairs flying in the air and back into surfaces, and you don’t want that.

So, a vacuum with a HEPA filter or a double bag will help trap more dander.

However, if you have hard floors (Tile, Wood, or Vinyl) something like a Swiffer will catch hair in its place and trap it in the cloth.

On the other hand, if you do have carpets, dust some baking soda over the carpet before vacuuming.

The baking soda will help loosen the hair from the carpet fibers and also will help to deodorize odors at the same time.

Now, if you have darkened carpet in the corners that means you have a buildup of pet hair.You can easily take a rubber glove, wet it, and drag it against the baseboard to clean up the hair.

When it comes to vacuum cleaners, I recommend checking out a robot vacuum like Roomba. If you can afford it, they are well worth the price.

Another option is a wireless vacuum cleaner. They are also easy to use. The thing I like about the Roomba vacuum, it does all the work for you.

Plus, it never complaints. It automatically vacuums all day and all night and manages pet hair so you don’t have to.

Not to mention, the pets have fun with it too.

4. Regular Bathing

Regular bathing can help your pet’s coat stay shiny and healthy.

A bath will also help to loosen up a lot of the fur that would normally get on your flooring and furniture.

Here is a simple but effective trick that most people don’t know that works really well to remove shedding for good.

A professional dog groomer told me once the trick to stop your dog from shedding is to blow out the undercoat after bathing.

Most long hair dogs have double undercoats which are dead hair.

The undercoats are just literally dulling their coat making them less shiny and thicker.

A lot of times the hair will clump together. And in extreme cases, you will see clumps of hair coming out of dogs.

So, blow dying after a bath can really help blow all that hair that is trapped underneath.

After doing this little trick you will notice your pet’s coat to be more gorgeous and you will have less shedding.

5. Diet

Feeding your pet a high-quality diet is a must. A high deficiency of nutrition can create some serious effects on your pet’s skin and coat.

So, your pet needs to get the right nutrients.

By proving a good diet you will notice an improvement in your pet’s health and coat.

Furthermore, choose good food that has meat as the main ingredient. Also, Omega-3 fatty acids are great for pets.

Omega 3 fatty acids will improve, flaky, dry skin. And will prevent fur from falling out.

You can add a teaspoon of olive oil or flaxseed oil into the pet food daily. Or another option is salmon, tuna, or any other fish which are also rich in fatty acids.

Of course, you always want to talk to your veterinarian about changing your pet’s diet for shedding issues.

However, when shedding improves it will never go away entirely. So, it is important to use the tips above to help minimize the shedding of fur within your home.  

Is There A Machine That Collects Pet Hair?

If you have pet hair around your home more than likely it is on clothing, furniture, bedding, and other items.

Which creates excessive amounts of hair in the air.

Although, when it comes to automatically removing pet hair from the air, an air purifier is the best choice.

However, below are some other popular products to help you easily remove pet dander on clothing, furniture, and carpets.

People love that this simple pet hair remover is self-cleaning. Heavy vacuums can be hard to move around.

However, the Fur Wizard is quick and easy to use. It works really well to remove pet hair on pillows, beddings, and clothing.

You can also use it on your couches and even clean up the hair on the bedding where your pet sleeps.

Unlike the traditional tint roller, you will need a lot of sticky sheets to clean up the hair. But with the Fur wizard, you can easily clean the whole surface.

This natural rubber squeegee broom gets deep down into the carpet to remove hair that a vacuum has a hard time removing. 

You can also use it on wood flooring, vinyl, and tile. It has a squeegee blade. People love that this product because it is ridiculously effective and cheap.

How do I get rid of animal hair in my house?


Do Air Purifiers Get Rid Of Pet Hair?

Studies have shown that air purifiers with a HEPA Filter are very effective for pet hair and dander.

Air purifiers are perfect for someone who suffers from allergies and dust particles in the home. The best way to use an air purifier is to use it in the same room that your pet stays in.

However, you must purchase an air purifier that does not have an ionizer. Those can be harmful to your pets.

Can You Breathe In Pet Hair?

When pet hair is inhaled, the tiny hairs and other harmful particles will travel down into the lungs and stray there.

With time, it will inflame the lung lining and scar the airways resulting in chronic lung condition. This lung condition is known as the groomer’s lungs.

Can Pet Hair Cause Asthma?

According to the American Lung Association Pet’s dander, urine, saliva, and skin flakes contain some proteins which may aggravate asthma symptoms.

However, the symptoms change from person to person.

Additionally, pet hair can collect mold spores, pollen, and other outdoor allergens. If you suffer from asthma the best way to avoid pet hair and dander is to remove the animal from the home. 

Final Thoughtshow to remove pet hair from the air?

Getting rid of pet hair from the air does not have to be a difficult task.

You just have to follow some smart and simple strategies to give you your desired result in the least time possible.

Although, it is normal for pets to shed.

Pets shed more in the spring and winter also it depending on the type of breed you have. Some breeds shed more than others.

You can’t stop the shedding completely.

But you can help keep your pet well-groomed and healthy. If you notice that your pet is losing more hair than normal it doesn’t hurt to talk to your vet.

A vet can rule out any medical reasons behind your pet’s excessive shedding. And can also help you with any grooming suggestions.

The tips I mentioned above are reliable and will definitely help you get rid of pet hair in the air.

Not to mention, they will also make your home stay clean and fresh

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