Should I Run a Fan With A Dehumidifier? (Answered)

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  • Date: September 26, 2022
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You have a dehumidifier that is doing its job well, but your room feels hot, and you are wondering: should I run a fan with a dehumidifier?

Is one going to affect the performance of the other?

This post comprehensively discusses this topic and goes over other fan-dehumidifier frequently asked questions.

Should I Run a Fan With A Dehumidifier?

Yes, you can run a fan and a dehumidifier in the same room. One isn’t going to negatively affect the performance of the other. In fact, the fan will help the dehumidifier collect even more moisture from the air.


What a fan does is move the air in the room very fast.

This high-speed displacement of air complements the effort of the dehumidifier as it can reach the air even in the corners of the room.

You can leave it on low speed or high depending on your preference and needs.

This is a great way to maximize moisture collection, especially for those who want faster dehumidification results.

Does A Fan Help Dehumidify A Room?

When used alone, a fan cannot help with dehumidification.

Remember, a fan just moves air around a room at fast speeds, creating a breeze. Moisture can escape this way, but the fan does not absorb it.

If you have the windows and doors of your house closed, the moisture is not going to escape; it will only be moving from place to place due to the wind created by the fan.

However, if you have a dehumidifier running, the fan can help increase the rate of moisture collection.

Again, the fan just creates a breeze that will help pull in moist air into the dehumidifier, where it can be absorbed and removed from your indoor environment.

Can A Fan Replace A Dehumidifier?

No. A fan and a dehumidifier are not interchangeable. They don’t work the same way, and people buy them for very different purposes.

A dehumidifier collects excess moisture from the air, making the air dry, so it is easier for you to breathe.

A fan, on the other hand, is meant for reducing heat in a room. It does this by displacing the air in the room at fast speeds, creating a breeze.

This should not be confused with what fans are used for when it comes to dehumidification (and when used together with a dehumidifier).

It increases moisture collection efficiency by displacing moist air into the dehumidifier, which can be absorbed and removed from your environment.

Is A Fan Better Than A Dehumidifier?

You cannot directly compare a dehumidifier and a fan because they are used for different purposes.

However, when combined in the same room, it creates an even more powerful tool that can remove excess moisture from your indoor environment quickly and efficiently.

However, it is important to mention that, nowadays, there are dehumidifiers that have in-built fans.

Nevertheless, these dehumidifiers can not replace your standard ceiling or ground fan.

A fan is better than a dehumidifier when it comes to reducing heat in a room, while this is not the main purpose of a dehumidifier.

What’s The Difference Between A Dehumidifier And A Fan?

There are several differences between a dehumidifier and a fan, including:

Purpose: while a fan is meant to reduce heat in a room, the main purpose of a dehumidifier is to absorb excess moisture from the air.

Process: a fan just displaces your air around the room at fast speeds, creating a breeze. On the other hand, a dehumidifier absorbs excess water from its environment through condensation and evaporation.


A fan is smaller than most dehumidifiers. It can be moved around the room easily, while you cannot do this with a dehumidifier,


fans are generally cheaper than dehumidifiers as they have fewer features and work for different purposes (reducing heat in your room).

Can You Run A Fan And A Dehumidifier At The Same Time?

Yes. There is absolutely no problem with running both appliances simultaneously, although it is important to mention that you should only run one of them at high speed.

If you are using a dehumidifier with an in-built fan, be sure to switch it off when not needed because this will increase its lifespan and efficiency while saving energy costs as well.

As mentioned earlier, running both appliances together will increase the rate of moisture collection.

The fan will help displace moist air into the dehumidifier, where it can be absorbed and removed from your indoor environment.

Should I Get A Dehumidifier or A Fan?

You might need both devices to create a comfortable indoor environment. If you want your house or office space to be dry and fresh, then it is recommended that you use dehumidifiers.

On the other hand, consider using a fan if you want to reduce heat in your room.

If you live in a humid and hot environment, getting both devices is a good idea as they work better when combined.

It may be enough to use a fan if you live in a dry climate because you do not have a humidity issue.

Which One Is More Effective? A Dehumidifier or A Fan?

Both devices are effective at what they do, which is why it is important to use them together. Remember you cannot use them interchangeably because they are not meant for the same purpose.

However, a device’s effectiveness depends on factors like quality of materials, brand, size, airflow volume, etc.

Final Thoughts

You can always run your dehumidifier with your fan on.

There is no problem with this. If you are worried about energy bills, it may be helpful to note that both appliances actually don’t use a lot of power, so you won’t have to worry about spending too much.

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