Will An Air Purifier Remove Skunk Smell? (Yes Or No?)

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In this post, you’ll get the answer to the question,” will an air purifier remove skunk smell?”

We’ll also answer if it is bad to breathe in skunk smell, and how long does it take for skunk odor to dissipate, and we will be sharing some natural and effective ways to remove the skunk smell from your home.

Let’s get started…

Will An Air Purifier Remove Skunk Smell?

Air purifiers can help to remove the skunk smell. If the odor is in the air, an air purifier can eliminate odors quickly. Whereas if the skunk smell is on an item the unpleasant smell can linger in the air for weeks. 

However, air purifiers work to cleanse the air of toxins and odors, especially when combined with HEPA filters. 

These filters catch and hold particles of dust, fur, and other harmful things found in the air. If you are struggling with a lingering skunk smell, an air purifier can help to remove the smell. 

A HEPA filter in your purifier will help to neutralize strong odors, including skunk spray. 

An important consideration is that you must remember to change your filter – otherwise, the smell will get trapped and linger. It can take some time for a purifier to remove the smell. 

For this reason, finding an effective way of removing the smell is an important first step in getting your home back to normal, which we will discuss next.

Is It Bad to Breathe In Skunk Smell?

Yes, it is bad to breathe in skunk smell. This is because breathing in a skunk smell can irritate the lungs. The odor can also cause asthma symptoms and can be nauseating to breathe in. You should contact a doctor and seek medical attention if you are having persistent symptoms of irritation. 

However, according to poison.org, skunk spray can cause short-term health effects if sprayed into the eyes. Such as burning, redness, stinging, and tearing. 

If this happens to you or your pet, you can call Poison Control at 1-800-222-1222 for guidance. Or you can also consult with your doctor or veterinarian promptly.

Can An Air Purifier Remove Skunk Smell?

How Do You Get Skunk Smell Out Of The Air?

Skunk spray is made up of thiol. It is a sulfur compound. This is what gives the skunk spray garlic, sulfur, rotten egg, and burnt tire smell.

The smell skunks leave behind is extremely unpleasant and can last for some time. Whether your home has been invaded by a skunk or your pet has had a nasty encounter

Here are a few effective ways to remove the smell of skunk spray from the air.

First, try opening all the windows in your house to let in as much fresh air and sunlight as possible. Fresh air can help to ease the smell and keep the pungent air circulating, which is important for removing it.

Sunlight will help to oxidize the smell, a process that shortens the amount of time it lingers for.

Vinegar is an excellent natural way to remove the smell of skunk, partly because it has such a strong smell of its own.

Unfortunately, your house may smell of vinegar for a while instead! But keeping bowls of vinegar in affected areas will soak up the skunk smell and help to neutralize it. Make sure to keep it out of reach of children and animals.

You may also find the smell begins to settle into fabrics and furnishings in your house. In this case, try washing them on the hottest setting. Adding baking soda alongside your regular detergent will also help.

You can also try steam cleaning furniture such as couches or mattresses or fabrics that cannot be machine washed such as carpets or curtains. This will help to eliminate the smell from your fabrics and stop it from getting back into the air.

How Long Does It Take for Skunk Odor To Dissipate?

The time it takes for skunk odor to dissipate depends on the strength of the smell.

Skunks can spray six times when they feel threatened, which naturally leaves a stronger, more pungent smell.

These smells are likely to stick around for longer, which makes them harder to get rid of. For this reason, it is important that you work to get rid of the smell as soon as possible.

If you have lingering smells from a skunk visit or briefly encountered one, the smell may not be very strong.

In this case, with good ventilation, the odor may last around two to three weeks. An air purifier may be an effective method of removing these milder smells.

However, stronger skunk odors can last for months or years, if left untreated. In this case, the smell may have sunk into fabrics or furnishings around your house.

It can be very difficult to remove these smells and something stronger than an air purifier may be needed. Instead, something more like an ozone generator, which uses gases to purify odors, may be more appropriate.

Will Lysol Get Rid Of The Skunk Smell?

Lysol is a disinfectant and brilliant for cleaning thoroughly, a surefire way to remove smells.

Certain Lysol products can help to improve skunk smells, especially those which contain hydrogen peroxide.

This is an important ingredient, which works by disinfecting and neutralizing bad odors, including skunk smells. As a disinfectant, Lysol works by thoroughly removing odors and toxins from your home.

Lysol will likely be particularly effective for deep cleaning your fabrics and furniture. This means you can use it to eliminate skunk smells in other places too, including your garden furniture and your car.

Will An Ozone Generator Remove The Skunk Smell?

An ozone generator is generally considered to be a great option for removing skunk smell.

Most generators work to remove smells at their source, which makes them very effective options for skunk odors. This type of smell can go far below surface level to burrow into difficult areas of your home.

Ozone generators are a brilliant method of covering multiple surfaces at once. The gas released can fill an entire room in one go, sinking into furniture, carpets, curtains, and more.

A benefit of using an ozone generator is the depth ozone is able to go to, which can eliminate the smell of skunk on deeper levels.

SummaryCan An Air Purifier Remove Skunk Smell?

Air purifiers are great options for removing skunk odors, as they are able to work deep and fast. As with anything, it is important that they are used safely and correctly. 

However, they should be very effective at removing the unpleasant smells left behind by skunks.

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